Tree Basics in McDonough, GA; Deciduous VS Evergreens, Roots, Crown, Leaves, Branches, Bark, Trunk Anatomy & More

Trees are truly an asset to the plant; they provide so many essentials for our daily living and survival. People, insects, birds and other animals have a major dependence on them. Trees become useful for wood, paper, producing food, as well as contributing to cleaning the air and stabilizing the ecosystems. Trees also provide beauty…

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Signs of Emerald Ash Borers Destroying Trees in McDonough, GA; Struggling Tree Canopy, Epicormic Shoots & More

There are five native species of ash trees in Georgia: Green, Carolina, Pumpkin, Blue, & White. Green ash is the most commonly found ash tree in our area. These trees are beautiful and provide much needed shade to the residents of Georgia. Unfortunately, the ash tree population is in danger. The Emerald Ash Borers are…

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