How to Prevent Trees & Limbs from Falling on Your Hampton, GA House in High Winds & Storms

Summer thunderstorms can be exhilarating to watch roll through your city. Sitting outside, watching the lightning, listening to the thunder, and feeling the rain on your skin can be an amazing experience. When storms get too close to our home for comfort sometimes homeowners begin to panic though. Homes and property can be damaged during…

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Instant to Gradual Tree Shaping Guide in Jonesboro, GA; Trimming Trees for Views & More

This blog post may give you more of a history into tree shaping than you’d like, but here goes. Tree shaping can be considered organic architecture and trains living trees and woody plants into artsy shapes with careful orchestration of how the tree and the branches grow. Some techniques include grafting, creasing, framing, bending, twisting,…

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