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Trees are an excellent addition to any landscape, providing shade, curb appeal and clean air for the environment. Homeowners often grow attached to the trees on their property; be it they have been the home of a family swing that holds various memories, or a tree house that was built by the family. Trees become part of a home and play an active role in outdoor activities for many families. Unfortunately, some trees eventually develop problems and it can be a difficult decision for home owners to remove the tree or go the lengths to try and save the tree. Some trees are beyond repair or saving, while others may just need a trimming or dead wood cut out by a tree professional.

Tree Salvage or Removal?

There are some points to consider when choosing to remove a tree from your property or try salvaging it. The first thing to think about is how much do you really like the tree? Does it provide shade, a play area or other benefits to you and your family? If this is a tree that has become part of the family, then you will obviously lean more towards trying to save the tree from being taken down. However, if the tree is in an obscure area and poses a possible hazard, then you may want to consider removing the tree. Some trees not only threaten your own home, but can potentially fall and damage a neighbor’s property as well.

How Much Damage has the Tree Sustained?

If the existing tree is more than fifty percent damaged, then the tree should be removed. Although a tree may be deteriorating, it can continue to live but will have limited or abnormal growth and appearance. The leaves will often be misshapen and if the tree is not properly cared for then it will eventually end up dying. Check the tree for large dead branches and any signs of hollowness. If more than one third of the trunk is hollowed out, then the tree should be removed. Large dead branches are a serious danger to anyone that is near the tree. The dead branches may fall at anytime, causing injury to a person or damaging property.

Professional Tree Service

Whether your tree needs to be completely removed or just trimmed up, these are both labor intensive jobs that should be handled by a professional. For your own safety and that of your family, contact a local hometown professional tree service to take care of your tree’s needs. Milam’s Tree Service is skilled and experienced in tree trimming and complete tree removal. Contact Milam’s Tree Service for quality tree trimming and excellent customer service in Clayton, Henry and Fayette Counties.

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