Wood Burning Stove, Firepit & Fireplace Tips in Stockbridge, GA; Best Firewood to Burn & More

The time of year is here where people are spending time preparing for the holidays. Many people want to do what they can to keep warm and that means you are using your heater and other options when outdoors. Being able to spend some time outside hinges on using some heat source. The great way to add a source of heat outside is by using a fire. Fire is a great source of heat and has been used forever as a way to warm up, cook and shine light when needed. Using and creating fire is something that takes some effort and practice to get it right. You can also have a wood burning fire if you have a fireplace in your house. The smell and ambiance of a fireplace is part of what makes a cold night even better. You want to make sure that you have the right type of wood and that you care for it properly.

Milam’s Tree Service Outlines How to Burn Firewood in a Stove, Firepit or Fireplace

Not All Wood Is The Same: One of the problems that people have when they want to light a fire in a fire pit or in the fireplace is knowing what kind of wood should they be using. The wood that you use has a big impact on the fire that you get and how much smell and smoke will be coming in as well. It is not a good idea to use just any piece of wood that has been cut down. If you use a wood that has too much moisture you will be seeing a huge billow of smoke coming from your fire making it less comfortable to sit around. It is always a good idea to buy your firewood from a reputable company so you know is has been prepared for that particular use.
What is Seasoned Firewood?: When you look for firewood that you want to burn in your fireplace it is important to go with seasoned firewood only. This means the wood has been dried out and has the right amount of dryness so that there are not pockets of moisture. The pockets or moisture are what you will hear cracking and this will also build up along the chimney (if applicable). The chimney will need to be cleaned more often if you don’t use seasoned wood. Seasoned wood is easier to light and safer to have in your home.
How to Stack & Store Firewood: It is a good idea to find a good area to keep your firewood. It is best to have it piled up and layered so that it looks nice and it ready to use. Some people want to cover all the wood and they use plastic or tarps. This is a bad idea because the wood will hold any moisture instead of continuing to dry it out. The air needs to be able to move around the wood to make sure that it does not take on any more moisture.

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