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Milam’s Tree Service supplies tree related services to the commercial businesses and residential homes in Clayton, Henry and Fayette Counties of Georgia and surrounding areas. For over 20 years we have been fully licensed and insured to deliver fast, friendly, and professional services to our valued customers. Milam’s Tree Service crew members are fully trained and experienced and in conjunction with their expertise and skills, we use exclusive high-end and well maintained professional quality equipment and products to ensure premium results. Continuing to uphold our reputation we diligently built, Milam’s Tree Service sticks to our high moral standards, family, friendly customer service, affordable pricing, and superior execution on all services rendered.

Mulching Hickory, Oak, Pine, Flowering, Fruit & Other Trees

Mulching is an important step in caring for your landscapes in Georgia. When you are in need of pruning, tree or stump removal, or other such tree services, why not turn that service into mulch for your trees? Mulch is highly beneficial in a number ways. Here are just a few examples:
– It helps reduce the evaporation and stabilizes the moisture in the soil, which contributes to 24%-50% water consumption.
– Influences a positive microorganism activity to improve the richness of the soil, as well as destroy soil disease that infects trees.
– Soil compaction is significantly reduced.
– Contributes to weed control, where weeds can rob trees of the needed moisture.
– Moderates soil temperatures.
– Erosion is controlled.
– Improves the esthetics.

Mulch Pick Up from Our Tree Lot or Delivery to Your Home or Business

Milam’s Tree Service mulch is created with the recycled wood from our tree services including trimming, pruning, removing dead trees or branches, and stump removal. Chopped and chipped trees create a more natural, soft and fine texture, to give the ultimate mulching service. You can pick up your mulch from our firewood and mulch yard and we also provide mulch delivery services for your convenience.

Milam’s Tree Service FAQ Regarding Mulch:

Q: What is mulch?
A: Mulch enriches soil, retains moisture, and prevents erosion as a protective organic covering.
Q: Is mulch a requirement in caring for vegetation?
A: Not necessarily, although mulch is highly recommended by the experts to increase health, protection and longevity of your shrubs and trees.
Q: Is mulch good for trees?
A: Recycling the nutrients in the dead organic materials is an excellent source for trees to reclaim them, accelerating the process of growing into strong and healthy trees.
Q: What is mulch usually made from?
A: Mulch is the untreated tree products, logs, leaves, and branches.
Q: Do mulch beds require a new installation every year?
A: As long as the previous year of mulch was properly dispersed, the following year may require a simple maintenance of raking or hoeing. Some folks prefer a fresh mulch bed for esthetics, bit it varies under circumstances.
Q: Is there a more optimal time of year to install mulch?
A: There isn’t necessarily a specific time frame. Some experts believe applying it just after winter is best to smother the weeds that might otherwise grow after potential snow or spring rains.
Q: How much mulch do I need?
A: Generally, the standard measurement for mulch is a cubic yard. To get the cubic yards measure the square footage you want covered in mulch by .34 and divide the total by 27.
Q: Can mulch potentially host and spread diseases or pests that can harm trees and plants?
A: Not normally. Most pests and parasites require living organisms to thrive and the heat produced during the shredding process destroys any hazardous organisms that might have slipped through.
Q: Is the difference in mulch coloring an indication of better mulch?
A: Mulch is frequently produced in varying degrees of light to dark brown, additional coloring is due to an additive, but the colors are purely for esthetics and does not indicate the mulch being better quality.
Q: What are the growths sometimes found growing on mulch and is it harmful?
A: It is not dangerous to pets, children, or plant life; often it results in excessive moisture or sometimes occurs during the mulching process. The growth is often a fungus, known as Fulgio Septica, or sometimes known as Dog Vomit Fungus which aids the natural decomposition of the wood. Simply scoop it up with a shovel and wrap it in an airtight bag, cautiously not disturbing the growth.

Mulch, Pine Straw, Top Soil, Fill Dirt, River Sand and Wood Chips in McDonough, Jackson, Jonesboro, Fayetteville & Hampton as well as Fayette, Clayton & Henry Counties in Central Georgia

Milam’s Tree Service recycles everything! The logs that we don’t use for firewood are put into a tub grinder and turned into hardwood rough bark mulch. For decorative purposes, we then dye it black, brown or red in our roto chopper. In regards to the wood chips taken off job sites, we change to a 1 ½” grade in the rotochopper for playground mulch. That’s right; we are proud to be Georgia State certified! In addition to firewood, wood chips and mulch, we also sell bales of pine straw needles, top soil, fill dirt and river sand. If your home or business is in need of mulching services, contact Milam’s Tree Service today to get started!

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