When is the Best Time to Prune Peach, Apple, Pear, Apricot, Plum & Other Fruit Trees in Conley, GA

Many homeowners will plant fruit trees in their yard so that sweet snacks grow every year, and for the rich colorful blossoms in the spring. Homeowners will pamper their fruit trees and put in a lot of care toward their growth and development. One of the most frequently asked questions about fruit tree care is if one should prune fruit trees and if so, when is the best time of the year? The answer to this question can vary from each species. Milam’s Tree Service will share when is the best time to prune the common fruit trees grown in Georgia and how pruning fruit trees have their benefits.

Apple, Peach, & Pear Tree Pruning Calendar

Apples, peach, and pear trees share similar chemistry and can be cared for equally. Pruning is good for all three types of fruit trees. Pruning helps stimulate growth and can remove potentially damaged branches that are weakening the tree. One should prune apple, peach or pear trees during the late winter season, between December and January. If you prune in early winter the cut limbs can cause frost damage to the exposed areas which can kill or weaken the tree. You do want to prune fruit trees when they are dormant so there is less stress on the tree when pruned. Due to Georgia’s winter climates it is optimal to prune trees in January as we can have very cold Decembers.

Pruning Blueberry Trees

Blueberry trees are another popular garden tree that benefits from pruning. However, blueberry trees are a smaller tree only reaching 6 feet high. Therefore, it is important not to over prune the tree. Pruning blueberry trees isn’t needed every year, but when they do need to be pruned, winter is best. However, during exceptionally cold winters it is best to prune in late winter so as not to stress the tree. For good fruit production you will want to cut off the old shoots or canes to stimulate new fruit growth. Blueberry trees are delicate and should be pruned by a professional.

When to Prune Apricot & Plum Trees

Plums and apricots are also known as stone fruits because of the large, hard pits inside the flesh of these fruits. These trees thrive across the United States. Apricot and plum trees look better and produce more fruit when they are pruned properly. It is best to prune apricot and plum trees during late winter or early spring as the new leaves and flowers begin to open. During this time period the tree is actively growing and the pruning cuts heal quickly minimizing the chance of disease entering the wounds and sickening the tree.

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To ensure your fruit trees are properly pruned and cared for, seek the assistance of a professional tree service. Milam Tree Services provide pruning services. Our experienced arborists can ensure your fruit trees are properly pruned to stimulate healthy growth. When the season is right, contact Milam Tree Services and schedule our services.

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