Seasoned Firewood Pickup & Delivery Supply Service; By the Rack & Hickory By the Stick

Milam’s Tree Service supplies a number of tree related services to the commercial businesses and residential homes around McDonough, GA. Being fully licensed and insured for over 20 years has given us the experience and reputation of being fast, efficient, and affordable in offering professional services. Milam’s Tree Service technicians have advanced training, years of experience, and a passion to uphold the values we stand by. These include high moral standards, work ethics, family-friendly customer services, and above all superior quality on all services rendered. With the use of exclusive professional grade equipment and products ensure we give nothing less to our valued customers than premium results.

Firewood Facts

Milam’s Tree Service is proud to offer firewood supply services to the locals in the Greater McDonough, Georgia area. During the bitterly cold wintry winds, having a premium seasoned hardwood stockpile is highly beneficial. Milam’s Tree Service of McDonough, Georgia would like to list some firewood facts for your clarification!

Burning Green or Unseasoned VS Seasoned Firewood

It is recommended that if you prefer to burn green firewood, you purchase it between 6-12 months prior to the wood burning season as it needs that length of time to dry out. Burning green firewood can be destructive. The high moisture content in the firewood causes incomplete combustion and within your fireplace, it will contribute to creosote buildup along the interior walls of your chimney, which can easily ignite into a chimney fire. Seasoned firewood like we sell at Milam’s Tree Service is much more optimal to avoid the issue all together. For tips on lighting firewood, check out our blog titled “Tips for Burning Firewood in a Wood Burning Stove or Fireplace in Mcdonough GA“.

How to Best Store Firewood Outside

Do not tarp your wood pile; instead only cover the top in the event of rain storms, but it is important to allow the wind to run through the wood stack. Dark, moist places contributes to the growing of foreign bodies on firewood. Avoid stacking it up on the soil, as it will draw the moisture into it. Stack your firewood on concrete, a make shift runner made from a couple of 2X4’s, or a firewood rack.

Firewood Terminology & Definitions

Glossary of terms associated with firewood:
1. Cord of Firewood: An occupied volume of 128 cubic Feet (4′ x 21′ x 1.5′) of quantity of wood pieces that are well organized and stacked in alignment, paralleled and tightly compacted.
2. Face Cord of Firewood: 1/3rd quantity of a cord (4′ x 7′ x 1.5′) – a term used in northern regions.
3. Rick of Firewood: 1/3rd quantity of a cord (4′ x 7′ x 1.5′) – a term in southern regions.
Milam’s Tree Service has unfortunately witnessed some of our competitors displaying low integrity, selling loosely thrown cords or even piles to customers. Be aware that the firewood will measure a lot differently in its loosened state!

Seasoned Firewood Pickup & Delivery Service in McDonough, Jackson, Jonesboro, Fayetteville & Hampton as well as Fayette, Clayton & Henry Counties in Central Georgia

Milam’s Tree Service is the leading experts of trees and firewood throughout the McDonough, Georgia area. We ensure our customers are taken care of, getting exactly what they pay for. If you have any questions concerning firewood or in need of some for your stockpile, call Milam’s Tree Service today!

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