What to Do & Who to Call if a Tree in Your Yard Falls Onto Your House in Blacksville, GA

Most yards are set up to get the most use out of them. They are also set up help to increase the value of the property as well as curb appeal. The yard can be laid out with trees, bushes, flowers and grass. The trees that are in the yard should be planted and well taken care of so that as they grow they are able to withstand the wind and other adverse weather. If you look at your property or even the property that is next to yours you want to know where the trees are. The trees that are close enough to your home have the potential to fall and cause damage to the structure. The trees can also be dangerous to you if you are home when the tree comes toppling down. You want to make sure that you are aware of the health of the trees that are around your home. If you suspect they are in bad shape you want to make sure that they are looked at by a professional tree care company. If you don’t care for them properly they can fall and potentially land right on your house.

Milam’s Tree Service Offers Tips to Deal with Fallen Trees on Your Property

If a Tree Falls on Your House Will You Die?: If you are sitting in the house and you hear aloud crash it is important to act fast. You want to try and get an understanding about what is happening. If it is that a tree has fallen on the roof of the house it is best to get out of the house as fast as you can. This is only if it is safe to do so. You can get out of a door that is in the safest location and you want to make sure that it is not blocked by the tree or other debris. When you get out of the house you can stay clear of the debris and any other trees that might be about to fall.
Do You Call 911 if a Tree Falls on Your House?: When you realize that the tree has come down and has hit the house you want to contact local law enforcement. They will want to send out a unit to ensure that no parties have been injured. They also will make sure that the area is secured so that any drivers or other pedestrians are not in the area. This is for the safety of the general public and that is best done by an officer.
Document Fallen Trees: The next thing that you want to do is to take down all the information that you can. You want to note information about the date and time that it occurred. You want to be sure that you write down if there was any adverse weather or anything that may have caused the tree to fall. You also want to take pictures so that you can protect yourself and your home when you call to have the property repaired.
Falling Tree Removal: The next step you want to take is to call out a tree company that can come out to remove the debris. They can cut away the tree and take away the wood exposing the house so that it can be repaired. This should be done by a professional with the expertise and the right tools.

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