Identification & Characteristics of Oak Trees in Georgia; Live, Turkey, Georgia & White Oaks

Throughout history the oak tree has become a well-established symbol of strength, endurance and longevity within the United States. In addition to its attractive appearance, the oak is a deciduous tree which thrives well in a variety of soil conditions and is easy to care for. Many homeowners proudly display oak trees on the property surrounding their homes. Oak trees are common place in Georgia and are most often used as landscape trees which can be found in public parks and community spaces as well as residential properties.

Oak Tree Identification & Characteristics

One of the most recognizable features of the oak tree is the height and branches which can grow to over 100 feet high with a spread of up to 150 feet wide. Other distinguishing features of the oak tree include:
Oak Tree Leaves: The leaves of the oak vary in size from two to five inches and are oval in shape with the upper portion of the leaves being dark green and the bottom of the leaves a grayish blue color. In the fall the leaves will turn to varying shades of red, orange and yellow.
Oak Bark Identification: On younger trees, the bark is dark brown however older trees will develop bark that has a reddish hue that will often turn to black. As the tree grows into maturity, the bark will develop scaly ridges with a furrowed appearance.
Oak Tree Fruit: Oak trees bear acorns which are light to dark brown in color with a bitter tasting nut. As a general rule, the tree will not produce fruit for the first 20 growing cycles however it is not uncommon for a tree to go through 50 cycles before bearing the nuts.

Types of Oak Trees Found in Georgia

The oak consists of more than 600 species and is one of the largest tree families in the world. Oaks trees are considered part of three main groups which include:
White Oak Trees: The white oak can be recognized by its grayish-brown bark, richly colored green leaves which form a beautiful and majestic canopy and delicate acorns which are most often a light green to tan in color.
Red Oak Trees: One of the most distinguishing features of the red oak is its leaves which turn from green to a brilliant crimson during the fall months.
Black Oak Trees: The black oak is best identified by its trunk which can appear dark brown to almost black in color along with its twisted branches and root system. Oak trees can live for 200 years or more. In fact in some places around the world oaks have been aged at over 600 years old. Oaks perform best in areas that have full to partial sunlight with access to plenty of water.
Types of oak trees found in Georgia include: Live Oak, Turkey Oak, Georgia Oak and White Oak.

Oak Tree Diseases

The oak tree is extremely hardy and thrives well in a variety of conditions but it can be susceptible to disease including:
Sudden Oak Death: A fungus which forms cankers on the trunk of the tree and can quickly spread. If left untreated the disease will eventually result in the death of the tree.
Oak Wilt: Is one of the most serious of diseases that can affect oak trees because of its ability to infect neighboring trees via connected root systems.
Armillaria AKA Shoestring Root Rot: Is caused by a soil based fungus which attacks the tree from the roots up. If left untreated, the disease can linger inside the tree and eventually kill it.

Identification & Characteristics of Oak Trees in Georgia; Live, Turkey, Georgia & White Oaks in McDonough, Jackson, Jonesboro, Fayetteville & Hampton as well as Fayette, Clayton & Henry Counties in Central Georgia

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