Winter Tree Care Tips in Forest Park, GA; Mulch Around Roots, Wrapping Trunks of Trees & More

The winter months are hard on many areas of your life. Of course you have to get out all your layers so that you can try and keep warm. One area that suffers in the winter months is the landscape around your home. The plants, shrubs and trees around your yard are not going to flourish in the cold winter months. They all tend to go in a state of dormancy and stop growing until the warm weather comes back. Just because the trees and the plants are not growing does not mean that they don’t need your care. There are things that you can do to protect your trees when the weather is cold. You want to make sure you know what to do so that the tree is survive the cold winter weather.
Milam’s Tree Service outlines what you can do to care for your trees this winter.

How to Care for Tree Roots

You might think the roots of your trees are fine and don’t need to have any excess care. They do in fact need some care and it should be done throughout the winter. One of the things you want to do is to make sure the tree and surrounding soil are being watered. This is to make sure there is enough moisture for the tree to soak in and make it through the winter. If you live where the ground will freeze over you want to stop watering at that point. If you get snow in your area it will blanket the ground and protect the roots. If you are in an area that does not get snow you can add your own blanket and that is in the form of mulch. This will help keep the soil and the ground around the roots protected from the cold weather.

Wrapping Tree Trunks in Winter

There are several parts to a tree that need your attention. The trunk is the next area of the tree that needs to be addressed. The cold weather is hard on the trunk because it can cause sunscald. This is a term that is used when the weather during the day is warm and then freezes over at night. The tissue that is under the bark will thaw out and freeze over and over again. This will create damage to the bark and that can be hard on the tree. The best thing you can do is make sure that the trunk is covered during the colder months. You also want to protect the trunk from animals such as deer. They might scrape over the trunk and cause damage so you can create a barrier to stop them from getting close.

Winter Tree Branch Care

You also want to make sure that the branches are protected. The winter can bring adverse weather such as heavy wind and rain. This can cause weakened branches to break off and fall creating more damage. The branches should be trimmed and pruned regularly to ensure that the tree is in good shape.

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