When to Cut Down Trees on Your Hampton, GA Property; Tree Damage, Diseases, Pests & More

No one wants to cut down their trees especially if they appear healthy and strong. Trees provide shade, beauty, and help keep our homes cooler. As trees are a major benefit to our home and yard, there comes a time when they can become dangerous. When trees age, get damaged by storms, or become diseased, they can pose a major hazard. Milam’s Tree Service will share some signs to watch for if a tree poses a threat and may require removal.

Valid Reasons for when to Remove a Tree

Tree Damage: If a tree begins to reveal signs of damage such as cracks or splits in the branches or trunk, this can be a major sign you should cut down the tree. Often after a major wind storm, tree branches can become damaged. They either will develop splits in the branches or fall down completely. The tree’s trunks can even split due to high wind storms. After a major wind storm it is wise to go around your yard and inspect your trees and begin looking for splits.
Tree Diseases: Trees that have been infected with a disease will begin to look weak and even die suddenly. Some common signs that your trees are infected with a disease are mold or black like sand on the bark of the trees. Some diseases will cause fungus such as mushrooms to grow on the tree or even on the ground around the roots. Other diseases can be spotted on the tree’s leaves. Leaves that have become discolored or fall off early during a season is another sign your tree is infected with a disease.
Tree Pest Infestations: Pests can also lead to the demise of tree. Some pests such as ants, termites, beetles and aphids can kill younger or weaker trees. Mature trees that are weakened due to a drought can become vulnerable to pests and are too weak to fight them off. The same can be said for young trees. Different pests can harm trees in different ways. Beetles bore into the tree and drain the trees from the inside. Ants and termites can feed on tree’s slowly killing them and weakening it. Once a tree becomes weak it can become hazardous. The first wind storm that comes through can cause the tree to fall over or the branches to break.

Tree Removal or Pruning

When you detect there is a problem with your tree you will need to determine whether to remove the tree or maybe just remove the problematic branches. For example, if the tree appears healthy and only a single branch has a split, or shows signs of pests or disease, there are times you can save the tree by removing the affected branch. However, if the tree trunk is compromised it may be better to remove the entire tree. Tree’s can be saved if they are given all the proper nutrition such as water and minerals it needs to grow. If the problematic branches are removed, it can remove the stress from the tree. However if the tree is too old and weak and is showing signs of distress, consider removing the tree before it falls down. Especially if the tree in located near the home, parking area, or near places kids play, it is a major hazard and should be removed quickly.

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If you have a tree that is showing signs of distress and needs to be removed or pruned, contact Milam’s Tree Service today.

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