What Causes a Tree to Die & Need Trimming or Removal in Jackson, GA? Damage to Trees & More

There are many situations where the seemingly damaged trees need to be removed and, in some instances, with some care, the tree can be saved from the perceived threat. With so many variables, trees can sustain damage through a number of ways, and depending on the extent of damage, it can call for a tree removal, and in some cases an emergency removal, a trimming, or just some TLC. Today, we at Milam’s Tree Service would like to share the top common reasons as to how trees get damaged.

Tree Nutrient Deficiency

You might be potentially causing more harm to your trees without even knowing it, simply in an effort to keep your yard neat and clean by picking up twigs, leaves, and bark. Because of decomposing leaves, the trees in the forest benefit from growing in soil that is rich in nutrients. However, you can add nutrition back into the soil with proper fertilization and mulching your tree correctly as opposed to leaving the leaves in the yard to rot.

Compacted Soil Causes Damage to Tree Roots

With all the foot traffic going on, the soil in your yard has likely gotten compacted over time. From when your house was built, mowing the lawn, people walking around, the residual affect has left a stressful environment for your trees to try to grow in. To replace soil in the root zone to help with this issue, add organic matter to the soil and do some vertical mulching.

Tree Bugs Infestation

If the tree is weakened, it is going to attract more pests, which will only make the tree worse off. Be sure to routinely monitor your trees for pest activity and if any are found, contact a local expert for treatment.

Tree Root Restriction

You might not have thought about how far and wide the roots would spread as the tree grew when you first planted your trees as tiny saplings. The growth of your tree can be restricted by structures such as road and the foundation of your house, or even other trees and plant life. However, despite these obstacles in the way, improving the health of your soil can help roots continue to grow, though in some situations, some the trees may need to be removed.

Natural or Accidental Damage to Tree

Hitting the tree with the lawn mower, a storm passing through are all common causes to damaged trees. Inspect it regularly for damage and contact a tree expert to diagnose the problem and give treatment advice to provide your trees with optimal care. Be sure to take the time to prepare your trees when the weather forecast predicts a severe storm passing through.

Tree Trimming, Removal & More in McDonough, Jackson, Jonesboro, Fayetteville, Hampton, Sunny Side GA | Fayette, Clayton & Henry Counties, Georgia

In cases where trees can be nursed back to health, and you like your tree that is showing signs of illness or weakness, contact a professional. Milam’s Tree Service may be able to trim damaged branches to save your tree. In cases where your tree cannot be saved, we offer safe trimming or tree removal services that may be required. Contact us today!

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