Urban Tree Storm Damage Assessment, Prevention and Care

Extreme weather conditions can take quite a toll on landscape trees and create dangerous areas that are not safe for people to be around. Trees with stem girdling roots or inadequate root systems may blow over or break off at the ground line. Heavy snow fall, severe wind, and other extreme types of weather can leave tree limbs close to breaking off at any minute, making them a hazard for anyone who is close to the tree. Trees that are damaged from severe winds and storms can cause both personal and property damage. Storms can cause weakly attached branches or leaders to separate and rip trees apart.

Tree Damage from Wind

Having large trees close to your home can be a frightening experience during a storm that is coupled with extremely high winds. High winds may damage trees at any time of the year. In most cases, wind damage is more severe when leaves are still on the tree because it increases the surface exposed to the high winds. In some areas, sand that is picked up by high winds has an abrasive effect on trees, shrubs and other plants. Immediate and proper action is necessary to save trees that have been damaged by the effects of a storm. Safety to your neighbors, your own family and your property are important aspects to consider when repairing storm damaged trees.

Falling Trees and Tree Limbs

During a severe storm, most damage occurs when trees fall or their limbs fall off. When this occurs, it can cause power outages, property damage and in more serious cases, personal injury. Trees that fall on power lines can be responsible for wiping out blocks of residential power. Power cables that are down and in close contact with other objects create an extreme danger zone and should be avoided. Contact a professional to come in and take care of problems this serious.

Storm Damage Tree Inspection

While some damage may seem like it can easily be repaired or cleaned up, some danger is hard to see or notice and you could be putting yourself into a situation that may cause you harm. For the best possible solution to storm damaged trees, contact a professional to come in and perform a thorough inspection of your trees and the damage they may have sustained. A professional will know if your tree can be salvaged, and if not, then they will know the proper methods of safely removing the tree to avoid any potential accidents or damage. Contact Milam’s Tree Service for the best storm damage maintenance for your trees.

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