Tree Trimming 101 in Morrow, GA; Safety, How Often Should Trees Be Trimmed & More

Is there anything more beautiful than trees in your yard? These magnificent additions to any yard are only going to provide the beauty you’re looking for if you take care of them properly. Part of tree maintenance is proper pruning and trimming. If you don’t have any experience trimming your trees, it can difficult to know where to start. Milam’s Tree Service is here to share some tree trimming tips to hopefully help you keep your trees healthy and beautiful.

Importance of Trimming Trees

It is vital to the health and strength of your trees that they are trimmed. Not only can the tree suffer from a lack of trimming, but it can pose a danger to you and those you love as well. There are a few different reasons that it is so important that you regularly trim your trees and add this into your yard maintenance efforts.
– Tree Safety: Sometimes when you are trimming your trees, you are removing branches that are damaged or no longer healthy. If these branches aren’t removed, they can end up falling and causing damage to your property and pose a risk of injury to anybody around.
– Health of Trees: Trimming and pruning your trees will encourage your trees to develop a stronger core structure. This will make them stronger when they are faced with severe weather.
– Tree Aesthetics: If you have blossoming trees or fruit trees, trimming them can help boost the amount of blossoms and fruit you get in a growing season. Trimming also boosts that aesthetics of the tree and you will find that it grows more symmetrically.

How Often Should Trees Be Trimmed?

In most cases, your trees should be trimmed and pruned once a year. It is recommended to do this during the dormant season. However, there are some instances when the tree needs to be trimmed outside of the dormant season because the branches may be coming in contact with power lines, the tree’s growth is obstructing your views in some way or even the growth of the tree could be threatening your home or your property. In these cases, it is important you get the trimming taken care of for safety reasons.

Tree Trimming Safety Tips

The biggest thing that you need to remember when you are getting ready to trim your trees, is your safety. There are accidents every day that cause serious physical injury and could have been avoided all together with some safety tips. This is why it is best to leave the tree trimming and pruning up to the arborists at Milam’s Tree Service. We have extensive experience in tree trimming and will ensure your trees will be healthy and grow as strong as possible as we encourage core strength with our tree trimming and pruning services. If you are thinking about trimming your own trees, follow these rules.
– Branches less than 2 inches in diameter are safe to cut on your own.
– Branches between 2 and 4 inches should be trimmed with caution.
– Branches any larger than 4 inches should be left up to a professional.

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