Tips on Planting, Caring for & Growing Trees in Fayetteville GA; Call us for all your Tree Trimming & Removal Service Needs!

Have you ever wanted to plant a tree in your yard and watch grown and flourish despite your non existing green thumb or even your natural one?

Milam’s Tree Service would like to offer up some tips and advice to growing and raising your tree seedling.

1. Why do you Want to Plant Trees in your Yard? When planting trees in your yard, you have got to know why you are doing it. Whether you are wanting to make your landscape appear more aesthetically pleasing, enjoy some hardy fruit trees or have a sturdy tree for the kids to hang their swings, build their tree houses, learn to master the art of tree climbing, or simply enjoy a good shaded picnic tree; every tree has its benefits for various reasons. Mapping out the places for your desired tree is essential once you decide why you are wanting trees planted. Know your plumbing, and the tree’s root system to know where to plant the different species of trees to ensure it doesn’t need to be removed later from causing damage of any kind to your home.
2. Research Which Trees are Suitable. Upon deciding what trees you are wanting to plant, do your homework. Know proper care from watering, feeding and pruning needs. Know if trees thrive in your climate or struggle in it. Weather conditions play a big part in a trees life. If a tree is native to the tropics, it won’t do as well in the Alaskan borders. Consider how the weather you live in compacts your tree of choice.
3. Learn Tree Root Systems. Throughout the U.S. the land varies. There are different types of soil. Knowing what the trees need and what’s in your yard are all part of growing a healthy tree. Along with soil elements, you will need to understand how the land forms in your yard, for trees growth, watering factors and how the trees will interact with existing plant life. Not all plants get long and some different root systems will fight for dominance and choke out other plant root systems. Know how the trees root system will grow in conjunction with existing plant life.
4. Best Time of Year to Plant Trees. When buying trees, it is always good to know the right time of year to plant it. Some trees are less stressed when planted in the different seasons.
5. How to Grow Trees. Preparing to plant takes patience and care.
– If the tree is but a sapling, turn it upside down and carefully pull it out of its container. If it is encased in burlap, do not cut it out until it is ready for planting.
– If it is more mature than a sapling, cut the container or burlap when the hole is prepared for planting.
– Avoid moving the tree around excessively, and keep the roots well covered in dirt and soil to keep the roots from drying out from exposure.
6. How Big of a Hole to Plant a Tree? Preparing the hole for your tree is just as important as tree care. Dig your hole 2-3 times wider than the existing root ball, and deeper as well. You want your tree to be nestled deeper than the level of the ground so a small wall of dirt can be built around the tree to trap water in its vicinity. Before adding your tree add a coating of super-phosphate to better treat your tree’s root system.
7. Tree Planting. Place the tree in its new home and make sure the tree is positioned correctly before reburying the hole.
8. Tree Care & Maintenance. After your tree is successfully planted, follow the recommended care and maintenance of your tree to ensure it grows strong and mighty.

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