Tips for Identification of Types of Tree Fungus & Disease in Jackson, GA to Avoid Tree Removal

There are several aspects of your yard that make it look beautiful. Most homes have some kind of ground cover that include grass, rock and stone. These are all great ways to cover a large area and keep it looking neat. Then you have your smaller plants such as flowers and smaller shrubs. Then you have your large bushes and of course the trees! The trees are a huge part of what will level out the yard and bring some great dimension. You want to make sure that you do what you can to care for your trees. They are not a plant that you take out each year and replace. You want to care for your trees so that they last years and years and grow to reach their full potential. One aspect of tree care that you need to be aware of is any disease that may be inflicting damage to the tree. There are times that the disease is enough that it will kill the tree and require it to be removed.

Milam’s Tree Service Outlines Identification of Tree Leaf & Bark Diseases

Leaf Rust Spots on Leaves: Leaf rust is a problem that you will see on the under side of the leaves of your trees. The leaves will have small orange or yellow colored powder that will cover the underside of many of the leaves. This will then cause the leaf to create spots on the top side of the leaf. The powder can actually come of the leaves and get on your clothes or hands if you walk past and touch them. The disease is a problem because it will pass to other trees on your property and infect the other plants as well.
What Does Fire Blight Look Like?: This is a disease can really effect the entire tree. The way that it will cause trouble is that it can kill off an entire limb from your tree that will then be at risk of falling off. This can be dangerous if it were to fall on your house, car or a person. The way that you may recognize this type of disease is the small sores that are on the branches. The sores will ooze out a tan colored liquid that will darken when the air hits the ooze. You will start to see streaks of the dark ooze around your tree trunk and other branches. You want to have any diseased branches removed from the tree if you notice a problem with this type of disease.
Tree Killing Beetles, Insects & Pests: The other problem that you need to look for that may be affecting your tree happens to be insects and other pests. A Japanese beetle or an ash borer will invade a particular tree and start to eat away at the moisture in the tree. This can be a death sentence for a tree and you want to have it treated so that they don’t start to invade other trees in your yard. Then you need to care for the damaged tree so that it does not die or have it removed from the property.

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