The Best Trees and Shrubs for a Privacy Screen Fence in your Jackson GA Yard; Evergreens, Concolor Fir, Hedge Maple, Leland Cypress & More!

Building a stone wall around your property is one way to achieve a level of privacy but it will probably look bulky and out of place not to mention rather extreme and uninviting. A better way to achieve the privacy that you need is to use shrubs and trees to create a natural privacy fence. Before planning out your plantings, the first thing you should do is think about exactly what it is that you are trying to achieve in terms of making your space a private retreat.

The experienced staff at Milam’s Tree Service recommends the following list of natural privacy fence ideas to help you decide on the best choices for your yard.

Evergreens are great for reducing noise and providing privacy screening all year round
Deciduous trees offer both spring flowers or fall colors however when the leaves fall, you will lose their privacy effect.
• You will need to match the height of your private enclosure with the final growing height of the trees and plants you select.
• Hedges are often used as a privacy screen and can be cut to almost any size offering a concise clean appearance to your garden.

Plant a Mixture of Trees & Shrubs

Consider using a layered mix of plantings to create privacy. A mix of trees, shrubs and perennials are more visually interesting than trees or shrubs planted in a straight line. Evergreen and deciduous shade trees work particularly well as your foundation especially when paired with a mixture of shrubs, perennials and annuals to create texture, color and privacy. A good rule of thumb is to choose plants in contrasting tones of green and blue especially plants that have berries or blooms to add interest all year round. Not only do you achieve privacy, you will also be creating an environment that establishes both shelter and a food source that will in turn attract birds, butterflies and bee’s to pollinate your garden to keep it alive and healthy. Planting perennials, ornamental grasses and annuals will also add interest and variety. Container plants are also a great source of privacy, especially when grouped together on the deck or patio.

Fast Growing Privacy Fence Trees

Larger trees are a great backdrop for your natural privacy fence and provide additional cover as they grow and mature. The experts at Milam’s Tree Service recommend:
• Concolor fir
• Hedge Maple
• European Hornbeam
• Leyland Cypress
• Amur Maple

Smaller trees for privacy include:
• Magnolias
• Flowering dogwoods
• Japanese maple
• Japanese tree lilac

Trees Too Close Together

Plant a mixture of interesting shrubs in the middle of your privacy fence for an added degree of interest and dimension. Take stock of your surroundings around the area where you want to plant your privacy screen especially if there are power lines above the area you want to plant. Take caution not to plant trees that will mature and grow into the wires. You will also want to pay attention to the plants size at maturity and leave enough space between each plant for them to grow. Don’t be impatient and plant trees close together to create instant privacy. If your plants grow and become over crowed, they can lose their foliage and branches.

Professional Tree Trimming, Pruning & Removal Service in McDonough, Jackson, Jonesboro, Fayetteville & Hampton as well as Fayette, Clayton & Henry Counties Georgia

Many of that plants that work well as natural privacy screens need plenty of sun to keep their foliage healthy and full. Make sure that the area you are selecting to plant in receives at least six hours of direct sunlight each day. The experts at Milam Tree Service are knowledgeable when it comes to caring and maintaining and caring for your trees. Contact the experts at Milam Tree Services today and speak with an experienced customer service representative about your tree servicing needs.

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