Stump Grinding and Removal – It’s All Part of the Master Plan!

Summer is already upon us, it’s hot and humid outside and you have a ton of outdoor projects on your honey-do list. Lawn and yard projects can be daunting and often hard to maintain especially if you have a yard full of tree stumps. Figuring out what plants go where and how much sun they need? Or how to get rid of that tree stump? You know the one in the middle of the yard that sticks out like a sore thumb? Are you wondering what happened to your green thumb, the one that was with you when you were browsing through all those home and garden magazines that were just brimming with picture perfect manicured lawns and pristine flower arrangements? The magazines without a tree stump in sight! Don’t despair! Call Milam’s Tree Service and make an appointment for a highly trained Milam’s tree technician to remove those unsightly stumps. Milam’s Tree Service is a family owned and operated full service tree company. We provide fast, friendly and superior service to residential and commercial customers in Clayton, Henry and Fayette Counties and surrounding areas. Milam’s Tree Service guarantees all work and is fully licensed, bonded and insured.

Old Tree Stumps are a Safety Hazard

Old tree stumps can become a nuisance in your yard, not just because they look visually unappealing, they can also be a safety hazard to you and your family and guests. Especially during outdoor cookouts and family gatherings, tripping over tree roots and stumbling or falling makes for a miserable family get together. Tree stumps are also an open invitation to bugs and other creepy crawlies to take up residence. Tree stumps are especially annoying if you are preparing to change or update your landscape and the stump is located in an inconvenient area like the middle of yard or in the center of your proposed flower garden. During the stump removal process, Milam’s Tree Services professionals will grind down your tree stump into wood chips and mulch. If you don’t want or need the chips our technicians will remove them from your property or you can use those chips for ground cover or other garden landscaping projects. Stump removal and grinding takes years of experience to remove and grind stumps safely. At Milam’s Tree Service, we have the expertise and latest state of the art equipment to grind your stump below the ground’s surface so you can plant, cover or revitalize the area and create the appearance that the stump was never there.

Stump Removal and other Quality Tree Services

It’s all part of the master plan to get your landscaping projects started and give you the clean canvas you need to plow through your honey-do list! Your yard can look just like the magazines. Contact Milam’s Tree Service today and ask about stump removal and all of our other tree related services. Milam’s Tree Services is one of Georgia’s top quality tree service companies. Our number one goal is customer service and satisfaction. Contact Milam’s Tree Services today and we will guarantee excellent service and treat you like family! After all, Milam’s Tree Service is truly a Family Treedition!

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