Storing Seasoned Firewood in Hampton, GA; How to Stack, Store & Protect Wood from Cold Weather

As we endure these cold months ahead, many homeowners will be grateful for their firewood stockpile. There is quite a bit of information that is useful to know when regularly burning firewood, such as how and where it should be kept, differences between burning Unseasoned or Seasoned firewood and safety measures applied during burning. We at Milam’s Tree Service would like to list firewood storage tips among the basics.

Where to Stack & Store Firewood

Knowing where to stack the wood is just as important as knowing how to stack it. Next to the fireplace indoors is the most common area people want to stack and store their firewood. You will likely be bringing in some pests with you with this method is particularly bad as while you bring your firewood inside. Pests that was using your wood as harborage will now be infesting your home including termites, mice, spiders, ants, and other pests. Also, without proper airflow firewood cannot age accordingly. About 20-feet from the nearest door to avoid letting the pests in, you want a dry and somewhat open area outside. Do not store it directly next to it. Keep the wood stacked a couple inches away to allow proper airflow, should the wood be stacked next to a structure. To allow proper airflow, keep the wood stacked a couple inches away.

How to Stack Firewood Indoors & Outside

Do not exceed wood 4 feet high as you neatly stack on log rack or pallets and posts in rows. In the event it isn’t fully seasoned yet, the wood should be stacked with the bark-side down so the moisture can continue to easily evaporate from the wood. You can then stack the wood bark-side up after they have aged to naturally shield the wood from rain and snow. If you are using pallets and posts, simply place the pallet on the ground and hammer the posts or stakes in on each corner. Ensure the posts are close enough together, be sure to pile wood on top of the pallets to keep it raised off the ground a bit and to keep the firewood pieces from rolling off the sides. Until you’ve reached an even 4 feet in height all the way across; placing it how you want as you go begin stacking your wood, ends facing front and back when using a rack. In an organized heap in a random location, never toss your wood. The chaos will invite more pests if he the wood in the center can dry instead of rot without proper ventilation.

Stacking & Storing Firewood

To protect your firewood from rain and snow, invest in a firewood cover. Make certain to leave the front and back of the stack fully open until it’s aged, the wood can dry out properly. To adequately protect your wood until you are ready to use it, a full-size firewood covers are available for seasoned wood.

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Stacking your firewood in an open barn or shed, or under an efficient overhang is another optimal place. Until it is properly dried out, do not enclose fresh wood. You can have an attractive place for pests for the wood will not properly age. Be sure to keep the area open and clean. Be sure to prevent grasses, weeds, and other plant growth from growing under and around, and avoid leaving kindling and scraps around. From your firewood, ensure you keep your landscaping trimmed. For your firewood needs, call Milam’s Tree Service. We offer seasoned firewood for delivery and pickup!

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