How to Identify Dying Trees in Locust Grove, GA; Scratch Bark Test, Leaves Changing Color & More

Throughout the year your trees are going to go through some changes that you will start to get used to. The trees are a great investment to make in your property. They add some beauty to the home and property as well as shade and ground cover. The trees that are on your land should be cared for and given the best chance to survive and thrive. When you have a tree that is not doing its best you may need to make some decisions about what to do with it. Sometimes they can be treated and brought back to good health. Other times the trees are in bad shape and will need to be taken down and the stump ground down. There are ways that you can tell if your tree is going through the standard changes or if the tree is dying. Milam’s Tree Service outlines how to tell if you have a dying tree on your property.

Leaves Often Change Color in the Fall

One of the things people look forward to all year long is when the trees start to change color. The leaves that are on the tree will go through this process and the leaves are no longer green and are instead vibrant colors like red, orange and yellow. The change in the leaves will happen and then many trees will drop the leaves. This is a common occurrence and is going to happen in the fall weather and is normal and should not be considered a problem. If you see that there is a tree that is going through these changes and it is not the fall and the weather is not cold yet then it is a sign the tree is dying. When this is happening you want to make sure that you call out a professional to inspect the tree and maybe remove it from the property.

Tree Bark Scratch Test

You also want to make sure you check the bark on the tree. If you think you have a tree that is not doing very well you can do some checks that include the bark. The bark can be pulled back in a few areas and you want to check for the color that exists under the bark. You want to make sure you see hues that are green and yellow. If you remove a small section of bark and you see browns and they seem to be brittle the tree or that branch can be dead. Check several other areas and if they each have the same outcome the tree may be dead.

Wood Boring Beetles & Tree Pest Infestations

If you have a tree that is healthy and flourishing it is likely not infested with pests. If you do see pests boring into the tree it is a sign that the tree is weak and potentially dying. If you have a problem with boring pests make sure you have your tree checked right away.

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