Importance of Pruning Trees in Griffin, GA; Encourage Growth, Cut Dangerous Tree Limbs & More

Trees that grow naturally in nature are never pruned or trimmed. Because of this, some people feel like it is not necessary to prune or trim their trees. However, there are a number of benefits as well as a need for tree trimming and pruning. There are many reasons why it is important to prune and trim trees that are planted and maintained by people. Milam’s Tree Service will share the benefits as well as why it is important to prune and trim the trees in your yard.

Tree Pruning Specifications

Pruning is when selected branches of a tree are removed or cut off. The reasoning as to why some branches need to be removed can vary. Some branches may pose a threat to the home’s roof or other structures, while others may be unhealthy and need to be removed so as not to infect the entire tree. Other times, branches are remove to better shape a tree.

Does Pruning Trees Encourage Growth?

There are a number of benefits of pruning a tree. In many cases, certain trees become stronger when pruned, especially fruit trees. When a tree branch is infected with a pest or virus, disease, or fungi the tree’s survival depends on the infected branch or branches being removed. If the disease or pest makes it to the center of the tree trunk, often the tree will die suddenly.

Cutting Dangerous Tree Limbs

There are times a tree branch or branches need to be pruned because they place a home or other structure at risk. Removing these tree branches are essential as they can fall and cause serious damage. During intense storms, tree branches can break and fall on top of the home or building. Other times, branch can grow into the side of the home or lift roofing tile or cause roofing damages.

Tree Crown Reduction & Pruning Improves Appearance & Health of Trees

Pruning and trimming a tree can also improve the tree’s appearance and growth. When a tree becomes overburdened with branches and leaves, it is harder for sunlight to come through and feed the tree properly. Thinning a tree helps to allow more sunlight to filter throughout the entire tree which strengthens the tree. When trees are pruned, there are branches that can be shortened or completely removed. There are times a tree size needs to be maintained. This is often referred to as reduction trimming. The method shortens the branches and doesn’t fully remove the branch.

Best Time to Prune Trees

However, to avoid putting stress on a tree, it is recommended to prune trees during early spring or late fall. Pruning trees during late spring, summer and even winter can stress the tree and expose them to certain elements that can weaken and even kill them. There are a few species of trees that may break the common pruning rules, but for the majority of the time, pruning is best in early spring and late fall. As many know, trees, beside evergreen trees, go into a dormant state which is the best time to prune them. Pruning can occur during winter. However, the intense cold on a freshly cut tree can weaken the tree. This is why it is best to allow the tree some recovery time.

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