Southern Live Oak Tree Trunk Turning Black, Leaves Turning Brown & Other Problems in Morrow, GA

The Southern Live Oak Tree is Georgia’s state tree and can be found in almost every corner as they grow abundantly throughout the state. Live oak trees are very majestic and require a lot of pruning and maintenance. However, even the most robust tree can develop diseases and other problems that often require trees to be removed. Milam’s Tree Service can share some of the common problem with the live oak trees and how tree services might be able to help.

Live Oak Tree Root Fungus Disease

Live oak trees are prone to developing a root fungus known as Armillaria Mella. Root fungus is most common in the southwest but can also affect live oak trees in Georgia. Root fungus can become a major problem as the fungus or disease is able to spread to other neighboring trees. Root fungus can also be spread by carriers such as bore beetles and other pests that may come in contact with the fungus or its spores. Root fungus is a problem during the summer when irrigation over saturates the soil, or it can also occur during the winter when the frost lingers in the soil for extended periods of time. It is possible to diagnosis root fungus and if caught early enough can be treated. Severe exposure to root fungus can result in the tree removal to prevent the disease from spreading.

Live Oak Tree Leaf and Branch Fungus Disease

Twig death is often caused by fungi, either Discula or Cryptocline which occurs in Georgia’s coastal regions. Live oak trees can periodically develop fungi that affect the surface of the branch and sometimes the leaves. The fungus can vary but most will appear as a black dusty blister on the branch and brown leaves. However, the tree’s total health is not typically affected but can result in the death of a branch on a tree. A larger tree branch from a Live oak tree can cause serious damage if it dies and breaks off. When a branch appears infected it is safer to remove the branch. In most cases, the fungus is identified during tree maintenance.

Live Oak Tree Bacterial Disease

The drippy oak disease known as Erwinia Quercina is a disease that often develops or colonizes around wounds that occur on live oaks. When the tree’s outer surface gets damaged, bacteria can form on the edges and insides. If the bacteria gets inside the sap of the tree it can kill the tree completely. Drippy disease looks like a slimy and smelly sap that drips out from where the tree was damaged. When the tree gets infected with this bacteria it is essential that the tree is removed to prevent the tree from potentially falling and damaging personal property.

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Pruning live oak trees doesn’t just help prevent diseases from spreading but also promotes healthy growth. Live oak trees should be pruned and shaped every other year to ensure healthy branches and to stimulate growth. Live oak trees do best when pruned in January. If you have our state tree in your yard, schedule a maintenance pruning and help assist the tree’s health and help stimulate healthy growth. For professional tree services, contact Milam’s Tree Services today.

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