Signs You Need Emergency Tree Removal in Lake City, GA; Leaning Trees, Exposed Roots & More

Trees can cause major damage if they fall on the roof or on the home. If a tree is big enough they are capable of cutting a home in two. In many cases a tree will warn the homeowners when it is going to fall. Other times a tree can fall without warning. Trees will often give small or sometimes big hints that the tree is going to fall soon. Milam’s Tree Service will share some of the signs when the tree is going to fall and when to seek emergency tree removal services.

Is a Leaning Tree Dangerous?

When a tree is beginning to fall it will first start to lean. The leaning can happen abruptly, which is common after a windstorm. Trees that are leaning 15 percent or more need to be removed quickly as the top weight of the tree is enough to uproot and force the tree to fall. This goes especially for trees that are leaning toward a home or road as this can become a dangerous situation. If you have a tree that is leaning, it does call for emergency tree removal.

Exposed Tree Roots Above Ground

If the tree roots are visible, this is either due to soil erosion or the roots are no longer properly supported. In some cases there are deep enough roots in the ground to support the tree. However, it can become a major concern if the roots appear damaged or brittle. If the roots are exposed and appears damaged, then the tree is at risk of falling and should be removed.

Vertical Crack in Tree Trunk or Splitting Down the Middle

The tree trunk is the main support and when the trunk develops long cracks or splits it is a sign of future trouble. When a tree trunk cracks or splits, it is often due to drought and the tree has become weak. Cracks can occur due to heat or stress from wind as well. If the trunk develops either cracks or splits, the tree needs to be removed.

Hollowed Out Tree

If birds, insects or other animals have begun hollowing out a tree, it can cause the tree to become weakened and even fall. Animals or pests will often hollow out a branch but over time they will attack the main trunk of the tree. If you have discovered that a part of the tree has been hollowed out by animals, birds or pests, and the tree is compromised, seek emergency tree removal services and have the tree inspected and removed.

Can You Save a Tree from Termites?

Termites that are found infesting a tree is never a good sign. Termites will feed on weak trees that are dying due to drought or that are damp. Termites don’t usually infest healthy trees as the tree has natural defenses. However, if a tree is weak due to drought or disease, termites will begin nesting near or in the tree and begin hollowing out the trees. To ensure the tree doesn’t fall over and termites don’t spread into the home, have the tree removed immediately.

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If you find your tree is giving you warning signs that it is going to fall over and your need the tree removed quickly, contact Milam’s Tree Service and request an inspection and emergency tree removal.

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