Mythological Meaning of the Rowan Tree AKA Mountain Ash or Guardian Tree in Jonesboro, GA; Edible Berries & Wood Wands

The Rowan Tree or also known as the Mountain Ash Tree is widespread throughout Europe as well as the Northern Hemisphere. The rowan tree belongs to the rose family. Interestingly enough, the rowan tree is a smaller tree, only reaching 30 to 50 feet high with a slender trunk and more twig like branches. The rowan tree has a smooth sliver purplish color to the trunk with an oval shape leaf. During May and June, blossoms will emerge producing a glorious scent. During the autumn season, the rowan tree will burst with orange or red berries that adorn its branches. Not only does this tree hold a wondrous beauty, but it also has a fascinating legend surrounding it. Milam’s Tree Services would like to share the legend of this tree that primarily grows in Europe but can also live in northern climates in the U.S. as it was brought over in Colonial times.

Rowan Tree Berries & Wood Wands

Due to the legend of the rowan tree, it became known as the Guardian tree. It has a lot of ancient folklore surrounding it. It was believed that the rowan tree held mystic properties that countered against evil sprits and witchcraft. Some farmers as well as the superstitious will make necklaces from components of this tree to protect people and livestock from spells and ward against evil charms. They will feed the berries to their livestock in order to ensure successful births. They will use the twigs of the rowan tree in the home and over their beds for protection and they will recite a prayer to keep the evil sources at bay.

Where Do Rowan Trees Grow? Europe & Asia

In Wales, the rowan tree was considered sacred and rowan trees were planted on church grounds to protect the property from evil spirits. It was a tradition of the church parishioners to wear a cross made by the branches of the Rowan tree once a year. It was also tradition to place the dead in their coffins while they waited for the digging of the resting spots. They believe the souls of the dead would remain safe while they waited to be laid to rest.

Rowan Tree Planting in Ireland; Fairy Forest & Edible Berries

In Sligo, Ireland, a legend of the rowan tree is said to come from a fairy forest. According to the myth, a group of fairies brought seeds from the rowan trees within the Fairylands and dropped a single berry that turned into a giant rowan tree. It is also believed that fairies live and hide in the rowan trees. Additionally it was believed that if you eat a single berry of the rowan tree, it will grant you the blessing to live 100 years and if you eat three berries, you will live as a 30 year old until death takes you. On an unpleasant note, it was also believed that to burn a witch with the branches of a rowan tree is to dispel the evil spirit within the witch and chase it back to hell. This was meant to protect the innocent from being taken over by the evil sprrit and becoming a witch later in life.

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The rowan tree has a fascinating legend surrounding it. Many today still feel that the Rowan tree brings good luck and will still plant them around their home and yard. Not only is it a beautiful tree but it holds a legend of protection. Milam’s Tree Services enjoyed sharing the legend of the Rowan tree with you, and of course, we are here to provide you with our services whenever you may need them. While, Georgia would not be a suitable climate for rowan trees, as they require a much colder winter than we have here, we do have many amazing tree species that do grow here. Call us today and allow us to take care of the trees in your yard!

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