Mulching Tips & Tricks in Hampton, GA; Best Mulch for Landscaping, Which Color & More

Most know that mulch protects and enriches the soil which contributes to providing a better growing environment. Mulching is a simple form of maintenance that can better protect your trees and garden. Spread over the top of soil, mulch is a protective layer of (usually) organic materials. However, mulch is available in organic materials such as grass clippings, bark chips, or straw for example, and nonorganic materials, such as stone, brick or plastic chips for instance. Organic mulch is far superior. Today, we at Milam’s Tree Services would like to elaborate some on mulch as many locals in Georgia prepare the landscaping for the upcoming winter months.

Benefits of Mulch in Flowerbeds, Vegetable Gardens & Around Trees

Benefits of mulch include the following examples:
1) Soil erosion protection
2) From the impact of heavy rains, the compact gets reduced.
3) Reduces the need for watering by conserving moisture.
4) Maintains even temperature soil.
5) Prevents the growth of weeds.
6) Offers aesthetics.
The mulch provides insulated barrier between the soil and the air to help moderate the temperature of the soil. For added protection in the winter, the mulch keeps the roots from freezing in the deep soil.

Why Organic Mulch is Best

Organic mulch improves the condition of the soil as well as the mulch decomposes the organic matter distributes minerals and keeps the soil loose. The growth is improved, and the water infiltration is increased while it also improves the water-holding capacity of the soil. With the extra nutrients provided by organic mulch, the soil is not only improved but so are the beneficial soil organisms.

Disadvantages of Inorganic Mulch

Inorganic mulch has its place in certain landscapes, but they lack the soil-improving properties of organic mulch. Because of their permanence, inorganic mulch can be a challenge to remove when the spring comes, or you want to change the mulch or landscaping around. Organic mulch offers more advantages.

Mulching Around Big Trees

Though mulch is not a requirement for the care of your trees, it is definitely encouraged and recommended to increase the overall health, protection, and longevity of your trees and landscaping. From the recycled nutrients offered from the mulch, the trees can reclaim what they need which will accelerate growing process while promoting string and healthy trees. Prior to the winter and just before spring are the optimal times of the year to apply mulch, but it can be applied at any time of the year.

Different Colors of Mulch

For those who want the added benefit of aesthetics with their mulch, there are many variations of colors and textures with both organic and inorganic materials. Mulch poses no danger to children or pets, or any plant life. However, in less common instances, there are types of fungus that can grow in the mulch, where most are not a major threat, there are some that can be, in any case, any fungus should be discarded.

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Milam’s Tree Services offers a variety of organic mulching materials for the people in Georgia. You can call us today for your mulch and we will happily deliver and answer any questions you may have concerning specific types of mulch and application.

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