How to Use Wood Chips in Fayetteville, GA; As Mulch or Walkways, to Prevent Erosion & More

Taking care of your yard, garden and property can be difficult. Depending on what type of plants, shrubs, trees and flowers you have can determine how much work the yard may need. Some require continued attention while others sustain well without much work from the homeowner. You want to make sure that you make plans to keep your yard and property not only looking good but also safe and well cared for. There are some products that can be used that have benefits to the homeowner. One of the products that you can invest in happens to be wood chips. This is when tree branches and stumps are sent through a chipper and made into uniform sized pieces that can be used in many projects.

Milam’s Tree Service Lists Several Ways to Use Wood Chips Around Your Yard & Property

Wood Chips Can Prevent Erosion: One problem that some people have with their land and their property is erosion. This is when weather, rain, snow, wind or water is draining and taking the property down in a particular area. This can be a problem for your land and it the biggest problem is that it will continue unless you do something about it. You can use wood chips on the area that you think is being eroded away. Place a layer of the wood chips on the area and this will allow the water and other weather elements to pull at the wood chips rather than the earth underneath. This is not always a fix that will prevent it forever but it can give you time to come up with permanent solution.
Wood Chip Walkways & Garden Paths: If you have areas of your yard that are used as a walkway or a path and want a different material to use, then wood chips is the way to go. These paths might be from the porch out to other areas of the yard such as play house or a garden. It is a great idea to identify these paths well so that people know that you want to use these instead of walking through the lawn. You can use wood chips which is a great option. The cost is affordable and the best part is that it is all natural. You don’t have to add any man made materials. You also can add more to areas where the wood chips have been removed or dispersed when needed.
Wood Chip Mulch: You can use different materials for mulch including wood chips. This will help you when you want to keep an area from freezing over as well as keep the nutrients in the ground. It is great in a garden that you want to cover to avoid pests and weeds from taking hold. The wood chips can easily be spread around the ground where the plants, shrubs and trees are coming out of the earth.

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