How to Apply Pine Straw Mulch Around Trees, Plants, Garden Beds & More in Jackson, GA

The needles shed throughout the year that derive from pine trees and the pine needles, as the name implies, makes pine straw. Sparing the tree from harm, the needles are collected by being hand-ranked where they will be cleaned and baled. For landscaping enhancement and mulching material needs as the pine needles are harvested as they are naturally dropped to the ground, the pine straw is an environmentally friendly option. Pine straw, applied correctly, has quite a few benefits such as preventing water evaporation from the soil, reducing weed growth and contributing to the prevention of soil compaction and erosion. Not only so, pine straw will provide protection from any freezing conditions by stabilizing the temperature of the surrounding soil. Bearing this in mind, we at Milam’s Tree Service would like to elaborate further on the uses of pine straw.

How to Apply Pine Straw Mulch

Two times a year is advisable if you are looking to use pine straw for aesthetic purposes in your landscape, otherwise, experts recommend annual applications for mulching purposes. Wearing a pair of gloves is advised when you handle pine straw, because the needles are very prickly and can be a challenge for bare hands to manage. Remove the bale ties and shake handfuls of the pine straw in the designated area for simple application. Add an inch for proper maintenance in addition to at least three inches of depth to your yard.
Decorative Use: Your primary goal is preventing the weed growth, or potential growth and the secondary goal is to maximize the beauty of the landscaping with ground cover, both easily accomplished with pine straw. Particularly in shady areas, you need to apply a minimum of pine straw 3” thick. This material and technical application is especially useful on areas that are unpaved; lining walkways and seating areas and around benches for example.
Mulching Trees, Shrubs & Gardens: If you have a drip line for your vegetation, pine straw can have additional benefits. Make sure, however, that it is kept 2-3 inches away from the base of your bushes, plants, and trees. As an excellent source of acidic compounds, as the pine straw breaks down they will slightly acidify into the soil.

Mulching Tips & Tricks

Keep in mind the following tips when using pine straw:
– To give a professional touch to the finished project, use either a rake or leaf blower to roll the edges of the straw.
– You can lie the pine straw down any time of year when it needs a fresh, neat appearance.
– Apply a weed preventive and finish up pruning and trimming of existing trees and shrubs before you apply your pine straw only after the landscaping is clean and weeded.
– Do not forget to spread the straw 3 inches of thickness in the application area and keep in mind it does not require long to settle.
– Only spread the pine straw about a foot beyond the bed edge.

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