How Do Hurricanes, Severe Rain, High Wind & Hail Storms Affect Your Trees in Blacksville, GA?

Each season is known for something that has to do with weather. The winter is cold and dark, the fall is full of colorful and crisp temperatures, the summer is all about sun and fun and the spring is the perfect mild weather for outdoor activities. With that said there is a portion of every year that is carved out for storm season. Places that are closer to the coast seem to have more storms and more devastation that those further inland. That is why this part of the season that usually starts at the end of summer can be scary for those that are often affected by the storms. Whether it is a huge hurricane or a major rain storm you will be in need of some preparation as well as recovery when it all passes. You most likely will be looking for ways to board up your windows and doors as well as load up what supplies you can find. Often homes are without power for days or longer after a natural disaster. Now that you have done those things you need to be aware of a huge hazard when a storm is about to hit. This object can take out a car, crash into a home and injure anyone that is in its path. We are talking about the trees that are on and surround your property. The anchor of the tree is actually the root but every tree has the potential to be dangerous in a bad storm.

Milam’s Tree Service Explains How Your Trees Can Be Affected When a Hurricane, Wind, Hail or Rain Storm Hits

Falling Trees from High Wind: When you are in the midst of a storm you are mostly concerned about your home. If you are concerned about your home you should be concerned about your trees as well. If you have a large tree that is big enough to topple over and reach your home you could have serious problems. This can lead to major damage to your home so it is best for you to be prepared. Even a long standing tree that is sturdy to the eye has the potential to topple over. There is an inspection that can be done to give you an idea how well the tree will stand. If for some chance during a storm you have a tree come down it is best to leave it where it falls and let a professional remove it for you.
A Branch (or Lots) Can Break Off Tree: Even when a large storm comes through there are always pictures of total devastation where a tree or two are still standing. These trees were able to withstand the storm without topping over but they are sure to have damage. A tree that is able to stay standing often has branches that have broken off or at least are broken and can drop at any time. After a storm you want to have your trees inspected for damage and have broken limbs removed and hauled away. This is called storm damage cleanup.

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