Emergency Tree Removal Services in McDonough, GA Due to Storm Damage, Disease & More

More often than not, the trees in your landscaping look sturdy and strong and ready to endure all manner of the weather conditions Georgia has to offer. However, there are circumstances that may not always be obvious, that may weaken your tree; increasing the risk of it falling over. Some trees can develop diseases or structural issues that dramatically lower their resistance for example. Though your trees may offer shade, entertainment, fruit, nuts, or just a beautiful addition to your yard that offer leafy variations, beautiful blossoms, or other endearing characteristics you are partial to, the tree or trees could be displaying symptoms that require immediate action to avoid injury or property damage because of its falling probability. We at Milam’s Tree Service would like to share a few red flags that your tree requires emergency removal.

Signs You Need Emergency Tree Removal

1) A tree that leans suddenly. As your tree matures, you come to recognize the growth pattern of your tree and the familiarity of the tree’s silhouette as it nestles in your yard. A fairly obvious indication that you are in need of emergency tree removal is when you notice that one of your trees is suddenly starting to lean to one side. Once it starts to lean over, the dangers of falling increase, especially in the next heavy wind storm.
2) Signs of tree disease are noticeable. It is important that when you are investing in your landscaping services, you include performing an inspection on your trees for visible signs of tree disease to prevent serious ailments and catch problems early. General symptoms of diseased trees include spotted leaves, unusual growth patterns, among others. If your trees are displaying visible signs of disease, call in a specialist immediately. If the disease has made your trees appear weak and sickly an emergency removal is ideal to ensure they do topple over under weighing circumstances.
3) Discovering branches that are overhanging. The branches of your tree may start to spread over the roofline of your home as the tree grows taller. These branches can fall and cause significant damage to your home during extreme weather conditions or a violent wind storm. Do not wait to schedule services and request an emergency removal to prevent serious damages and costly repairs to your home. The experts can efficiently trim away any dangerously hanging branches or remove trees too close to the foundation to prevent your home from sustaining damage.
4) Tree damage following a storm. When severe storm blows through, it can leave trees in disarray. Branches could be broken and hanging or even worse, a seemingly hardy tree has been uprooted and leaning. When a bad weather storm has impacted the trees it is imperative they are removed before serious injury or property damage occurs.

Tree Removal Services & More in McDonough, Jackson, Jonesboro, Fayetteville, Hampton, Sunny Side GA | Fayette, Clayton & Henry Counties, Georgia

Milam’s Tree Service offers emergency tree removal service to help prevent serious damages from occurring to property and especially help people avoid injury. If you believe your trees could use emergency attention, call our specialists as soon as possible!

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