Best Trees for Planting on Slopes & Hillsides in Hampton, GA to Prevent Erosion, Absorb Noises & More

The days are getting shorter and you can definitely feel a distinct chill in the air. Many homeowners in the McDonough, GA area are getting ready to begin their list of chores in preparation for the cold. When it comes to yard work, an area often neglected is the hillside or slope that many homeowners find a part of their properties. According to the knowledgeable experts at Milam’s Tree Service, there are a variety of trees that not only thrive on hillsides but also prevent soil erosion, act as a natural sound barrier and provide shade in the summer months.

How Planting Trees on a Hillside Can Help Prevent Soil Erosion

Soil erosion occurs when rain washes away the nutrient rich topsoil. The more it rains, the more nutrients are depleted from the soil. If your property is located at the bottom of a slope or hill, the rainwater runs off quickly taking the soil with it. Planting trees on the other hand can help in more ways than one. For example tree canopies act as a natural shield to block rain, while the tree roots keep the soil firmly in place reducing the amount of soil washed away with the runoff. The trick is finding the best trees to thrive on slopes and hillsides that have strong deep roots that can withstand the rigors of winter.

Best Shade Trees for Slopes

The best shade trees for slopes are maple trees including the sugar maple that puts on a show during the fall with vibrant reds, rich oranges and golds. Oak trees including the live oak with its abundant wide canopy not only make perfect shade trees but they also provide privacy.

Planting Fruit Trees on a Steep Slope

The best fruit trees are the black walnut which produces a wonderfully fruity nut in the early fall and the hickory which thrives abundantly in all soil types and produces hickory nuts which make a popular and tasty treat in the latter half of fall.

What is the Best Time of Year to Plant a Tree?

Not only are trees beautiful to look at, they also help to remove pollutants from the air while preventing run off and soil erosion. Planting them at the right time of year is crucial to their success and as it turns out, fall is the perfect time to plant new trees. When you stop and think about it, planting trees during the fall months makes perfect sense because there is less chance of the hot sun damaging the new saplings and the cooler fall temperatures help to promote root growth while developing a stronger root system. Once your trees are planted and established, contact the professionals at Milam’s Tree Service to arrange for professional tree trimming and pruning services.

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