Tree Care Tips for Weak Trees in Fayetteville, GA; Fall Tree Trimming, Pruning, Mulching & More

Many people take great pride in their landscaping and take great care of their trees. Wanting your trees healthy and looking their best is a common goal among homeowners. Reviving a tree’s health that looks near death can be very challenging, especially on the circumstances. Early detection can help preserve the trees and today, we at Milam’s Tree Service would like to offer some tips to help strengthen a weakened tree.

Identify Problems Faced By Your Trees

First step is to identify the tree’s problem. There are some observing symptoms you can note, though it is not an easy task, to get you on the right track. Start by a leaf inspection and look out for any anomalies. From there, evaluate the stems, branches and the trunk for any dryness, brittleness, and cracks in addition to red flags pointing to decay and other issues. Contacting a professional is an ideal solution. An arborist can identify are a number of things that is making your tree weak. Your tree’s overall health can be impacted by any of the following:
– Insect infestations.
– Diseases.
– Current weather/climate conditions.
– Neighboring plant life.
– Too much water.
– Too little water.

Watering Trees

To maintain healthy trees, adjust the water schedule. The moisture content is often the culprit when trees start to look sickly. Younger trees are usually more temperamental when finding the right schedule and more mature trees can experience issues. Make certain your youngling has a good draining system when planting new trees; if waterlogging is present, improved drainage is vital. In the event the inadequate water seems to be making your young sapling ill, installing an automatic water system is best suited for your busy lifestyle.

Fall Tree Mulch

Mulch is another element worth addressing. Mulch is highly beneficial when used efficiently, however, if not used properly, it can be detrimental to your trees. Around the trees, much should never be heavy. So that the roots are not smothered if the mulch around the tree gets heavily layered, be sure rake the mulch out from the tree creating a thinner layer. Not only can the roots be smothered with too much, but it can produce rot, insects, bacteria, and fungi.

Root Fertilizer for Trees

Fertilizer plays a role in your tree’s health and durability. Keep the fertilizer from getting too close to your trees, though the grass and even some other plant life require the beneficial use of the fertilizer’s nutrients. It is better to consult an arborist for optimal solutions if you believe the soil in the surrounding of your trees is questionable.

Trim & Prune Trees in Fall

Sufficient pruning and trimming are vital to contribute to your tree’s overall health. If you get to a troublesome branch quickly enough and prune an infected limb of a diseased tree, you can save the rest of the tree. Pruning can keep the tree healthy when the branches are damaged from extreme weather or when they become too excessive for the tree to carry. Keep in mind that there is specific pruning techniques for various types of trees that enhance the aesthetics and health. If you are uncertain how to properly prune your trees, contact an expert.

Fall Tree Trimming & Pruning Care in McDonough, Jackson, Jonesboro, Fayetteville, Hampton, Sunny Side GA | Fayette, Clayton & Henry Counties, Georgia

Milam’s Tree Service can help you in many ways improve the health of your trees as well as help you maintain them. Call us today for a number for a number of services to keep your trees healthy and well-managed.

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