Signs a Tree May Uproot & Fall Over in Flippen, GA; Trees Leaning, Creaking in Wind & More

When trees age, experience drought, or are affected by root pests, they become at risk of uprooting and falling over. This becomes a problem when homes, buildings, and personal property is near or under the tree that is about to fall over. To prevent costly damages, it is best to watch out for some tell-tale signs that a tree may uproot or is at risk of uprooting and falling over. Milam’s Tree Services will share some of these warning signs and what you should do when a tree shows sign of uprooting.

Signs Trees May Uproot & Fall Over

1. If the soil around the trunk or root of the tree seems recently disturbed or cracked, this is one easy tell-tale sign that a tree is beginning to uproot. When the top portion of the tree gets too heavy for the root to support the tree it may begin to crack and break the soil loose. Roots can become weakened through drought or pest damage.
2. When the tree begins to lean this is another sign that there going to be a future problem. Again, when the roots are stressed because of the weight of the tree they may break. However, sometimes the soil doesn’t always break or crack. Sometimes the tree may begin to lean first, especially if the soil is moist and loose at the root and base of the tree.
3. If there is a tree that begins to develop fungus or mushrooms around the base of the tree, this is a sign that the roots have a serious problem. Often a sign of root rot is when spores or mushrooms sprout out on or around the tree. Once the roots get weak, all it would take is the next storm to roll through to blow it over.
4. Signs of disease can also mean that a tree will eventually uproot. When the leaves of the tree are sparse or fall off prematurely, this indicates a disease is present. Sometimes when the roots are infected with a disease, the top part of the tree will suffer. Once a tree has been infected beyond treating, it is best to remove the tree.
5. Water coming up from the soil or around the tree during a rain or wind storm means the trunk of the tree is moving. This indicates the roots are too weak to hold the tree in place. Seeing a mound or an up-heaving of soil near the base of the tree is another indication the roots cannot withstand the weight of the tree.

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When the roots of the tree become too weak through rapid grown or weight to the upper tree or through damages or disease, the tree will eventually fall over and uproot. When these tell-tale signs appear and you suspect your tree may uproot, contact Milam’s Tree Services. We can come and remove the tree before it uproots and cause severe damages to surrounding property and homes. We can safely cut down and remove the tree as well as the stump of any tree. For all your tree service needs, contact Milam’s Tree Services today!

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