Winter Tree Care in Hampton, GA; How to Protect Newly Planted Trees from Frost & More

The trees in your landscaping may not necessarily be native to the area, and this is more susceptible to weather conditions. Many people do not realize that their trees require year round care. During the winter months water, drainage, mulching, wrapping as well as dealing with extreme weather conditions as well as salt issues are top priority. At this time, we at Milam’s Tree Service would like to take the opportunity to share some suggestions on the winter care of your trees.

Wrapping Trees & Other Winter Tree Care Tips

Drainage: Trees need proper drainage to survive, especially during the cold winter months when it expands during the freezing and thawing episodes; during this time, the roots can heave out of the soil. With the right drainage, the roots are secure and protected and the tree can survive the elements. Mix sand and compost in your soil from the planting hole, and replace the mixture in your hole to create better drainage within the soil.
Mulching: Mulching is another optimal treatment and even nature will do it naturally. As you traverse the woods, you may see the wooded floor shrouded in dead leaves, snow, fallen branches and other debris to create a natural much for the trees to feast upon during the winter months, these things also supply the roots with warmth. Blanket the bases of your trees and shrubs with a layer of dry leaves about 3-4 inches deep using your own mulch. Lay some fallen branches or place some chicken wire on top of your mulch to hold down the mulch from being carried away in the wind. So burrowing wild rodents won’t be intrigued to chew on the tree bark, safely leave a few inches between the mulch and the trunk.
Water Trees: With the water absence and drying winds, drought-like conditions can still occur in winter months. Holly or azaleas or other broad-leaf evergreens lose a lot of their moisture through the pores underneath their leaves, making them prone to hardship in drought-like conditions. The roots are unable to draw in water when the ground freezes, causing the tree to become dehydrated. The tree itself can fall during the winter or lose its leaves, when the water reserves are not enough to get through winter. Water the trees whenever you can, but do not do it when the water will freeze.
Wrapping Trees: To preventing winter damage, wrapping your trees can contribute to the cause. Easily impacted by weather conditions, frost damage, high winds, and wild life nibbling the bark can take a toll, especially in young trees. Not only will the burlap wrap protect the tree from critters, but also keeps the trees warm; chicken wire can also help prevent wildlife from chewing the bark.

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If you need assistance with the protection of your trees this winter, call in the experts of Milam’s Tree Service, our experts can help you keep your trees healthy during the winter months.

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