Why You Should Remove Climbing English Ivy from Weakening Your Trees in Stockbridge, GA

When you have a tree that is covered in English ivy it can be beautiful and green. The lush leaves are hard to look past. However, that same beautiful ivy could be causing damage to your tree while looking so lush. Milam’s Tree Service is here to talk about why you should be concerned when you see English ivy start to grow on the trunk of your tree.

What Effect Does Ivy have on Trees

There is more than one way that English Ivy can cause damage to your tree. This invasive plant is a real threat that you should work to keep away as much as possible. Here’s why:
Nutrients: Because English Ivy is so invasive, it will steal nutrients from your tree. If there is a healthy ivy plant actively growing on your tree, the tree is likely not getting the nutrients it needs to thrive.
Crowding: English Ivy is thick. This can cause other issues like crowding. If your tree isn’t able to get the sunlight it needs, your tree will suffer. English Ivy often blocks necessary sunlight because it is so thick.
Weight: You don’t want the branches of your tree to have to support the extra weight of English Ivy.
Weakens Trees: Over time, as your tree isn’t getting nutrients, sunlight and is weighed down by ivy, it will cause weakening to your tree.

How to Remove English Ivy From Trees

There are two extremely effective ways of removing English ivy from your trees. The first technique is with manual labor. The first step in this technique is to water the tree and ivy thoroughly and let it sit. Once the soil is good and moist, you can get a pruner and start cutting the ivy near the ground to kill the vines. You will then start to dig as deep as possible and remove the root. This is the most effective way to ensure the plant doesn’t come back. If new plants start to grow, you will need to repeat the process. The next method involves vinegar. You should fill a spray bottle with nothing but white vinegar. Spray the leaves of the ivy generously in order to kill it. You should always be careful not to spray other plants as this will kill them as well. If this works, you should be able to see that the leaves are turning brown and dying within a week. If they aren’t, repeat the process.

Pulling Climbing Vines Off Trees

Never remove any green vines or leaves from your trees. This will cause serious damage to the bark of your tree. The ivy needs to be completely dead before you can remove it from the tree trunk. When the ivy is finally dead, remove the vines extremely carefully to avoid causing damage to the tree.

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