Why Do Leaves & Flowers on Trees & Plants Bloom In The Spring in McDonough GA? Now is a Great Time for Tree Trimming Services!

One of the most beautiful seasons that people love to spend time outdoors and enjoy the weather is the spring. After a long hard winter a change in weather can bring about a new zeal for life and a fresh start. The spring weather is warmer and the days are longer than during the winter. The sun stays up longer and the leaves and flowers start to bloom. During the fall the leaves change color and fall off and the leaves stop growing. They go into a dormant state because of the cold and basically stop growing during the cold months.

Milam’s Tree Service outlines leaves grow and flowers on trees and plants bloom when the spring sets in and why it is a great time to start your tree trimming.

Why Do Leaves Grow In The Spring: The spring time means nice warm weather and a sun that will stay up longer. The warmed up air is what the plants and trees need to start to get back to growing. When the air is too cold the life of the tree and plant is set on hold and all the growth stops. When it warms up the trees will come back to life and start to grow again. The leaves will start to grow back and any fruits and flowers will bloom as well. This is a great time of year to head out and take a look around to see what beauty nature has to offer. The leaves will fill in and continue to grow while the weather is nice. When it changes back to cooler weather the leaves start to change color and will eventually fall off again. The cycle goes over and over again each season.

Why Is The Spring A Good Time To Care For Your Trees: When trees start to grow again they are going to need some care and tree trimming. If you leave the trees without care they will be overgrown and the branches will start to become too heavy and could become a falling hazard. Tree trimming is a great way to remove all the branches that could be broken or damaged and can eventually lead to them falling and possibly causing damage to your home or property. You want to make sure that you leave the tree trimming to a professional so that more damage is not caused to the tree itself.

If you have a tree that needs to be trimmed and cared for give Milam’s Tree Service a call in McDonough, Jackson, Jonesboro, Fayetteville & Hampton as well as Fayette, Clayton & Henry Counties in Central Georgia today.

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