Who Do You Call when a Tree in Your Yard Falls on Your Riverdale, GA House? Milam Tree Services, Home Insurance & More

Often weakened trees or severe storms can cause trees to uproot and fall over without warning. When a tree comes down on top of a home it can be very scary at first and leave behind major damages to the home. As no one is prepared for such disasters, Milam’s Tree Service would like to share how to react to this scenario and to better prepare for the unexpected.

Safety First When a Tree Falls on Your Property

When a tree comes falling down on a home, it can break through the roof and even slice a home in two. When this first occurs, it can be very scary and lead to panic. First, you will want to make sure everyone inside the home is safe. Next get everyone out of the home and if possible, take young children over to a neighbor, family member, or friend’s home. It is discouraged to reenter the home until a professional is able to determine the condition of the home.

Call 911 if a Tree Falls on Power Lines

If the tree hits the home and power lines, it becomes a major fire and electrical hazard. Call 911 and let them know that a tree fell on power lines and they will turn the power off until the tree is safely removed. Often if a tree falls on a home or on power lines, that calls for emergency tree removal service to come and remove the tree. While you begin contacting tree services, you may want to turn off the gas line and plumbing lines to the home if the damages went past the roof. Broken gas lines are hazardous, and water damages will just contribute the more damages to the home.

Call Tree Removal Company & Homeowners Insurance for Damage from Trees

Regardless of the damage, if a tree has fallen on the home or in a position to hit your home or a neighbor’s home, contact a tree removal service and request emergency tree removal. Until the tree is removed, it may not be safe for little ones or pets. Also consider relocating vehicles if possible to a safer spot while the tree is being removed. Before any tree removal service arrives, begin taking photos of the damages to the home. Photos will be very helpful when dealing with the insurance companies. Additionally, contact your insurance company and relate the incident and request a list of all documents you’ll need for your claim. Sometimes the insurance company will reimburse the cost of contract inspection, repair and for emergency tree services. Make sure to keep all of your receipts. After the tree has been removed, your next major step is repairing your home. Contact a contractor or see if your insurance company will provide one for you. Once the repairs are complete, you can return home.

Emergency Hazardous Tree Removal, Storm Damage Cleanup & More in McDonough, Jackson, Jonesboro, Fayetteville, Hampton, Sunny Side GA | Fayette, Clayton & Henry Counties, Georgia

If you wish to replant trees in your yard, as they do provide needed shade in the summer, be cautious where you plant them. All trees will have their own maximum growth height and width. When planting a tree in your yard, know the tree growth height, and avoid planting the tree too close to the home. If you find you are in the middle of a disaster and need emergency tree removal or clean up services, contact Milam’s Tree Service.

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