What Are the Benefits of Trees in Your Hampton, GA Landscape? Help Environment & More

Getting ready to put in a landscape or add to one takes a bit of planning. Everyone wants it to look suiting to their tastes, increase home value, improve curb appeal, and so on. Trees are a perfect addition to any landscape in Greater McDonough, Georgia for the benefits they offer. With your trees properly trimmed and pruned by Milam’s Tree Service, your trees can be the perfect addition to your landscape and we would to share some of the advantages to having trees in your landscape.

Health & Other Benefits of Trees

Trees Help the Environment. Trees positively impact the environment in a number of ways. They reduce pollution from the air and noise pollution, filter water and absorb rainfall; which can lessen the devastation of flooding and storm-waters. Trees can also attract wildlife that can offer food and shelter for them. The air quality is improved as the trees absorb harmful gases and toxins and release oxygen into the atmosphere. Trees will remove the heat-trapping greenhouse gas carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and oxygen will be replaced. A single tree, in fact, can reduce an average of 300 pounds of carbon dioxide in a year.
Trees Increase Outdoor & Indoor Comfort. During the warmer months, the trees provide shade, to cool the area down to enjoy the summer air. Additionally, the area is cooled as the trees take in carbon dioxide, which is a heat-trapping greenhouse gas and release oxygen. Wind is reduced as the trees act as a barrier, which in the cooler months can help lessen the bite of the cold. Additionally, the shade produced from strategically placed trees in your landscaping can help cut down cooling cost as it blocks the pounding sun and help cool your home. Evergreens can deflect harsh winds during the colder seasons that will reduce heating costs. Trees can also provide places for hammocks, picnics, tire swings, and other sources of entertainment. Not only can trees increase the comfort of both outdoors and indoors but it can contribute to outdoor activities.
Trees Increase Home & Property Value. Even if you have no intention of moving in the conceivable future, trees in your landscape can increase the value of your home. Mature trees are an irreplaceable asset especially.
Trees Provide Stress Relief. Trees can reduce stress levels according to the Natural Resource Conservation Service. A study by Texas A&M University proved that spending just 5 minutes in a day looking at trees can result in lowered stress levels, though it is fairly known that spending time in nature can help people relax. Adding trees to your landscape can help you create a private oasis for when life gets chaotic and stressful, where you can step outside your door and take a few minutes to yourself and unwind.
Food Grows on Trees. Planting fruit trees or nut trees can supplement your food resources, which can help trim your grocery bills down.

Tree Trimming & More in McDonough, Jackson, Jonesboro, Fayetteville, Hampton, Sunny Side GA | Fayette, Clayton & Henry Counties, Georgia

Trees are not only a beautiful addition to your landscape, but they have many benefits and advantages that contribute to the economy, the environment and you. With the minimal investment and Milam’s Tree Service helping keeping them healthy and gorgeous, you can reap the rewards of trees for a lifetime. Contact us today!

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