Uses of River Sand in Sunny Side, GA; Kid Safe Play Area, Volleyball Court Construction & More

The spring time of the year is the best time to do some work on the exterior of your house and your property. The weather has finally changed from the cold of the winter to the nice warm days of the spring. That is why most people will be making changes to their outdoor area. The warmth is needed for your foliage and trees to grow and produce what they are intended to. The weather brings lots of people outside and that is also why people start to make additions to their yard so it is more useful. If you have kids or activities at your home a great addition you can make is to use river sand.

Milam’s Tree Service Lists Several Ways You Can Use River Sand on Your Yard & Property

Kid Safe Play Sand: One of the best things about being a kid is going outside and finding some dirt to play in. Being able to dig and play in the dirt is a pastime that many kids would choose. The problem is that most people don’t want the kids digging up their lawn. That is why adding an area that is made for digging and playing is a wonderful idea. You can have a sandbox constructed in an area of the lawn that you are not really utilizing. The box should be constructed and then you can fill the area with river sand. You can wet the sand or leave it dry for the kids to enjoy.
Sand Volleyball Court Construction: Maybe you don’t actually have any small kids that want to play in a sand box but teens and adults like to hang out at your house. It can be difficult to keep a group happy in the house and when the weather is nice outdoor activities are a great idea. One of the ways you can keep a group happy and active is to have a volleyball pit. You want to make sure that you have the area marked off and the ground dug up in preparation for the pit to be installed. Then you can fill the area with the river sand.
Top Dressing Sand: If you are concerned about your lawn and grass growing and filling in many people choose to use seed to increase the lawn. The problem is that often times the seeds are blown away or eaten by birds. If you want to help your lawn get through the spring and summer many people will have topdressing done. This is when you have a layer of sand laid on top of the lawn to protect it and reduce any thatch buildup.
Sand for Paver Joints: If you are interested in having pavers installed as a walkway along your lawn or property you need to have a filler. The pavers are laid in place and then a filler is used to secure them and spread in between the pavers. The sand can also be used to even out the area that the pavers will be placed.

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