Types of Common Trees in Georgia

The state of Georgia is home to approximately 250 types of trees. Georgia has diverse topographical and climactic areas and as a result, the location of the trees and the densities of each species are varied depending on which part of the state you live in. Milam’s Tree Service has been providing full service tree care in Henry, Clayton and Fayette Counties, GA for over 20 years. We have extensive experience with local trees and terrain, and we know how to work with the tree species around your home or business. Our services include tree care such as tree trimming and pruning, tree topping and shaping and our tree removal and clean up services including crane service, stump grinding and removal, dangerous tree removals, hauling, storm damage and brush clean up.

Milam’s Tree Service has provided the following information to help educate you on three of the naturally beautiful species of trees found in Georgia and some tips to help you identify them:

Live Oak – At the top of the list is the live oak which also has the honor of being Georgia’s state tree. The live oak is typically found on the coastal plains and up to 100 miles inland. A large tree, the live oak can measure 60 to 80 feet tall with low hanging branches and is renowned for supplying a great deal of shade. The live oak is part of the evergreen family and prefers full sun and can grow in a variety of soil types except piedmont clays. The leaves are simple and oval sharped approximately 1 to 5 inches long. Live oaks are often planted in parks and along streets as they require large areas. A stately tree, ferns and Spanish moss are often seen together with the live oak.

Red Cedar – One of the most common trees found in the state of Georgia is the red cedar. Red Cedar is considered a mid-sized tree between 40 to 50 feet in height with a 2 to 3 foot diameter. Red Cedar is a species of the evergreen tree and can be found throughout the entire state but more specifically in the regions of northwest Georgia. The tree has a very distinct scent similar to sap and has very little foliage with a berry like fruit and a bark that is light brown in color. Red cedar is often used to create interior finishes within homes.

Eastern White Pine – The Eastern white pine or white pine is a native species found in the Georgia Mountains. Members of the Evergreen family, white pines have brown cones measuring 6 to 8 inches in length with blue green bundled needles. The Eastern white pine can reach a height of 50 to 80 feet with a 3 foot diameter and thrives in full sun to partial shade. The bark is typically soft and light toned with a straight grain tinged with red. White pines can be used for a number of different building projects including interior finishes and caskets.

Professional Tree Care

Contact Milam’s Tree Service today and speak with a customer service professional about tree care and tree maintenance in your area. At Milam’s our highly trained and skilled technicians use state of the art equipment and have the expertise to facilitate fast, friendly and superior service to residential, commercial and industrial customers, apartment complexes, and mobile parks to name but a few. As a company we are dedicated to quality craftsmanship, customer service and low prices. Our number one goal is customer service satisfaction.

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