Trimming Trees with Nesting Birds in Morrow, GA; Identification of Active Nest in Tree & More

When you have plants and trees on your property it is for many reasons. Most people want to add some level of beauty to their home and their property with plants, shrubs, flowers and trees. This is a great way to add texture and more to the home. When it comes to trees they add even more with the shade they can bring to your yard and even to your home. Lastly they are a great way to reduce soil disruption and also corrosion in the soil and dirt around your house. When it comes to the plants they also will start to attract pests and other animals. You might start to see squirrels, worms, pests and birds. When there are birds coming around your yard you want to be careful about what they are doing. When it comes to active bird nests in trees, you want to know what to do so that your tree is still being cared for but the baby birds are not disturbed. Milam’s Tree Service outlines what to do if you suspect a bird nest is in one of your trees.

Identification of Bird Nests in trees

One of the things you want to do is determine if you are looking at a nest. There is usually an area in the tree that has a condensed area that is made up of other debris. You may notice that the nest is made up of sticks from that tree or other trees. It may also be made up of grass, mud, dirt, feather and pieces of debris that is found around your area. The items that you are seeing all together in one area of the tree can be sign that there is a nest in your tree.

Is the Bird Nest in the Tree Active?

You want to give the nest some space because if you get too close to the area and even touch it the birds may abandon it. You want to try and determine if the nest is active and if there are any birds using the nest. The best way to do that is to use a pair of binoculars and look from a distance throughout the day for a couple of days. If you are noticing that birds are coming and going, the nest may be active. If you are not seeing anything coming and going it can be a sign that it is an old nest and that it is not being used.

Talk to Your Tree Care Specialist

Once you know that you have a nest in one of your trees it is a good idea to talk to your tree care professional. They are going to have to care for the tree and trim and prune it when necessary. This might be a bad idea if you have an active nest so they should be made aware. Let them know where the tree is and where the nest is located. They can schedule their tree services around the nest and do what they can to not disturb the nest when it is active.

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Most bird species nest through spring and summer but the great news is that birds fledge very quickly. In most cases simply being patient for a couple of weeks is all it takes before birds leave the nest and tree trimming can proceed. Milam’s Tree Service can come out to your home and check your trees for active nests as well as create a plan to properly care for your trees. Call us today!

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