Trim Trees & Shrubs Carefully this Spring in Jackson, GA to Protect Native Ruby Throated Hummingbird Nests & Eggs

Spring is in the air and with the warmer weather comes the gift of color as flowers, trees and shrubs begin to bloom. Birds are busy building nests to prepare for eggs as other tiny creatures begin to stir and scurry around on the hunt for food. The changing weather also brings a to-do list of yard maintenance to prepare your outdoor space for lazy summer afternoons relaxing with friends and family. The knowledgeable experts at Milam’s Tree Service encourage you to take advantage of our tree trimming and pruning services to remove dead limbs, keep your trees healthy and free of disease, and preserve your environment for the birds that call the area home.

Ruby Throated Hummingbirds Are Native to Georgia

Hummingbirds are often described as colorful little creatures with beautiful plumage. This spring, ornithologists (bird experts) are asking homeowners to be aware of hummingbird nests before beginning yardwork. Hummingbirds build nests that are delicate in structure and about the size of a jelly bean. The ruby throated hummingbird can be found throughout the state of Georgia. The name hummingbird comes from the speed of which they flap their delicate wings, an astonishing 80 times per second. The hummingbird is attracted to brightly colored blooms that are rich in nectar and can often be found feeding on plants around residential homes and gardens.

Male & Female Ruby Throated Hummingbird Appearance

The ruby throated hummingbird (Archilochus colubris) is a joy to observe during the summer months in McDonough Georgia. The male hummingbird is easily recognized by his ruby-red throat with a white collar, brilliant green back, and forked tail. The females although beautiful in their own right are not quite as impressive with their green backs and tails that have bands of white, black and greenish-grey.

Ruby Throated Hummingbird Nests

The majority of the hummingbirds species found in Georgia are migratory birds that can only be found during the winter months. The only hummingbird species that nests in Georgia is the ruby throated hummingbird. The females build their nests in trees and shrubs from 10 to 90 feet high. The nests are compact with a spongy floor and sides that are designed to stretch as the young mature. The female will weave twigs, plant fibers and leaves along with bits of spider silk to bind the nests and make sure they adhere to their foundation. Nests are often built in a branch which slants downwards. The nests are very hard to identify and often resemble a bump on the limb of a tree. It is not unusual for the female to lay eggs in a second nest while still feeding young from the first nest. Hummingbird eggs are about the size of a navy bean, and each female will generally lay two eggs which have an incubation period of 15 to 18 days. The juvenile hummingbirds (fledglings) will leave the nest between 18 to 28 days after they hatch.

How to Attract Hummingbirds to Your Garden & Yard

Hummingbirds are busy little birds that do a wonderful job of pollinating plants. If you are interested in attracting hummingbirds to your home and garden, you can plant brightly colored native flowering plants, or you can provide a source of artificial nectar in the form of sugar water. Ideally feeders should be placed away from homes and windows approximately 15 feet apart. Be sure to change the water regularly, particularly when the weather is humid as contaminated sugar water has the potentially to make hummingbirds extremely sick. To make your own sugar water, dissolve one part sugar into four parts boiled water. Not only will your sugar dissolve more readily it will also keep the solution fresher for a longer period of time. Let the solution cool to room temperature before adding it to your feeder. You can store your homemade sugar water for up to one week in your refrigerator.

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