Trees & Tree Roots Encroaching on Property Line Disputes in Hampton, GA; Who is Responsible?

When you move into a home you have probably researched all about the area, schools and the commute to work. This is so that when you move in you know what you are getting. You should be happy with the new move and what you get but what you can’t really account for is your neighbors. It is an oversight and most people don’t take time to talk to the neighbors that you are going to be living next to for some time. The hope is that your new neighbors will be understanding and get along with you as well as work with you on things that could be a problem on the shared property line. One of the most common complaints that people have about neighbors happens to do with items that are on or over the line. This might be a fence or a tree that is growing too close to the property boundary. When you are dealing with a tree that is on the property line there are some things you need to know.

Milam’s Tree Service Lists Tips for Dealing With Trees That Are On or Over the Property Line

Who is Responsible for the Tree on the Property Line?: When it comes to trees and other items such as fences, there is a rule about who owns the item. When you purchased your home there was a survey done that set out the property lines and what belongs to you. This is what you need when determining if a tree is yours or your neighbors. A tree does not grow in a perfectly straight line upward but from the trunk will spread out over a canopy. The part that is concerning when determining who owns the tree is the trunk. If the base of the tree is on your side of the line then it is your tree and if it is not then you don’t own the tree. That does not mean that you have no rights when it comes to the tree care though.
Neighbors Tree Overhanging on My Property: If there is a tree that is on your neighbors side of the property line but it is close enough that it is encroaching over on your side you still have some rights. The first option that you have is to talk to your neighbor to see if you can come up with a plan to take care of the tree so that both of you are happy. Although this would be great, it does not always happen. You still have some rights when it comes to the area of the tree that is on your property. You can call a company out to trim the tree back but you must stop short of the property line. You have no right to remove the tree unless each of the parties agree. The cost to trim that part of the tree belongs to the person that called the company out to trim it.

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