Tree Trimming & Pruning Care Tips in Home & Business Owners in Henry County GA

Trees deeply impact the economy in more ways than the general public give them credit for. Keeping trees in the midst of your landscaping has beneficial perks. From saving on energy costs to adding charm and entertaining children, trees definitely have their uses. But just as it is important to regularly trim the grass and tend to the rose bushes, your trees need routine pruning too!

Milam’s Tree Service would like to give you some pruning tips and advice for your trees.

Why Prune your Trees?

Aesthetics – Pruning your trees adequately enhances a trees shape and appearance. Depending on the species of your tree, it is important to not get carried away with forcing particular shapes on your tree if you don’t know what you’re doing as it could contribute to irreversible damage.
Safety – Dead or broken branches are a safety hazard. Falling branches can harm loved ones or cause property damage. Keeping branches a safe distance from utility lines will deter any foreseeable damage on those utility lines. Pruning away branches that obstruct views while driving is putting safety first in the best way.
Health – If a tree is appearing sickly or has damaged limbs, pruning the infecting area can save the tree and help it prosper. Thinning out the crown of your tree also increases airflow.

General Tree Pruning Advice

– Most tree species are best pruned in dormant season. Pruning during this time will make blooming season more productive, contributing to overall health. Always make exceptions for hazardous conditions.
– Take size of the branch in account. If the branch is 2 1/12 inches in dimension or less, it can be safely pruned. If anything larger needs to be pruned, it should be for good reason, and a professional should be hired for safe pruning.
– Only prune away the weaker branches that have grown into a “V” shape as opposed to the healthy strong “U” shape.
Prune younger trees to control growth and health. Older mature trees can be difficult to prune, and once again, a professional should be called upon.

Tree Pruning to Thin the Crown of a Tree

Keep lateral branches as evenly spaced as you can, particularly the young trees.
Prune the weaker branches that cross into stronger branches, or that runs against them.
Remove less than 1/4 of the crown at a time. Exceeding more than that can cause harm to the tree. If more needs to be removed, spread it out over the years.
– Pruning the lower branches of young trees needs to be done carefully, over-pruning the bottom can result in a tree’s inability to grow a strong stem base.
– If more than half the foliage need to be removed from a branch, it is best to remove the whole branch.

Professional Tree Trimming & Pruning in McDonough, Jackson, Jonesboro, Fayetteville & Hampton as well as Fayette, Clayton & Henry Counties Georgia

Tree pruning has a more technical approach than most think, it is important for your trees health that your species of tree gets pruned correctly. If you are not comfortable or lack the time or ambition, let Milam’s Trees Service get your trees pruned to perfection. For the safety, beauty, and health of your tree, we have the experience and training necessary. Contact us today!

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