Tree Storm Damage Prevention, Assessment, Repair & Treatment in Clayton, Fayette & Henry Counties Georgia

Who to call for Quotes After a Storm

When a large storm rolls through McDonough, Hampton, Jackson, Jonesboro or Fayetteville, it can bring with it some major damage. Seemingly anything outside including trees, can be effected by wind, rain, snow and hail. Many times trees are pulled right out of the ground or branches are broken off. This can cause some major damage to anything else in the area like cars and even homes. If you have been in a storm that has caused damage to trees around your home who should you call? Call a reputable, local tree service company like Milam’s Tree Service to have any tree that is damaged looked at and any tree that is up rooted removed. There is a lot that you can do to prepare for storms that may come.

Milam’s Tree Service have prepared this list of prevention ideas to give your trees the best chance of surviving storms:

Prevention – The best way to keep your trees healthy is to have them maintained on a regular basis. The trees that are most susceptible to damage from a storm are the ones that may have some branches that are unhealthy or already broken or damaged. Also trees that are larger than they are supposed to be and left untrimmed can be more fragile than a tree that has been pruned and trimmed regularly. Schedule with a professional tree care specialist to have all the trees on your property looking their best. When a professional is taking care of your trees, they can catch and remove a possible hazardous branch that can easily fall if a large gust of wind comes by.

After the Storm – If you have already been a victim of a storm and you have tree damage you need to call a professional to have the trees looked at and possibly removed. Be sure to contact a company that is reputable and has licensing and insurance like Milam’s Tree Service. You also want to make sure that when you hire a company that has the tools and equipment to handle to job.

Professional Tree Trimming & Removal in Clayton County GA

If you have a tree that has been damaged by the storm there can be two different kinds of problems. One is that it can be uprooted and need removal. If this is the case Milam’s Tree Service can remove the tree and the stump in no time at all. The second type of damage is if the tree loses any large branches. The tree not only needs to have the large branch removed but it may also need to have more work done as well to make sure that no other branches are at risk of falling. Milam’s Tree Service can handle both scenarios promptly and expertly. Contact us today!

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