Tree Shaping Guide to Methods & Techniques; Aeroponic Root Culture, Instant & Gradual Arborsculpture

The landscape of your home or office can completely change the entire look of your property and give it an added amount of curb appeal, beauty and professionalism. Green grass, bright flowers and big trees are all great additions when it comes to attractive landscaping. Your home will become more inviting to guests and leave your neighbors feeling a little jealous at how wonderful the outside of your home looks. One creative aspect of landscaping is tree shaping. Properly pruning a tree is one thing, but having your tree shaped to the perfect angle to compliment your home can drastically change the look of your home’s appearance!

Methods of Tree Shaping

Tree shaping is not as easy and it may look and requires the skills and experience of a tree professional. There are actually three different methods of tree shaping that each produces a slightly different result. The three different types of tree shaping methods are aeroponic root culture, instant tree shaping and gradual tree shaping. Aeroponic root culture is the growing of the tree’s roots aeroponicly. This allows the roots to remain flexible enough to shape without becoming damaged during the shaping process. While not all trees are great for this type of shaping, fig trees are ideal.

Instant Tree Shaping

Instant tree shaping is when tree whips that are about two to three meters long are bent and woven into a specific design and the design is held together by metal bars. The tree will then grow and create a natural cast that takes on the desired shape. Instant tree shaping is responsible for creative shapes like faces, geometric shapes and other creative designs that are desired for a specific type of landscaping. Some of the more popular shapes that have been created with instant tree shaping are a peace sign and a chair that you can sit in.

Gradual Tree Shaping

The final method of tree shaping is gradual tree shaping; this type of shaping starts with supporting the framework. With this foundation of the frames, growth pathways are constructed. These pathways are built on wooden jigs or a pathway shaped by wire. Gradual tree shaping is popular due to its ability to be repeated time and time again on the same tree. The disadvantages of this method are that it takes a great deal of time and attention.

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