Tree Shapes Identification Guide in Jonesboro, GA; Columnar, Conical, Vase, Round, Oval, Spreading, Weeping & Umbrella

If you are in the market to redesign the placement or species of trees on your McDonough, Georgia property, it’s important to select the right kind trees to plant. Selecting the right trees for the right purpose however may not be quite as easy as you first imagined. If fact, many homeowners make the mistake of planting trees that fail to measure up to the very purpose they were selected for. The first thing you need to think about is what exactly you are hoping to achieve with the redesign of your landscape trees. If you are interested in planting trees for privacy for example, you will need to begin by examining the tree species that grow in a naturally columnar shape, as opposed to a shade tree which grows in a naturally spreading shape. The knowledgeable experts at Milam’s Tree Service recommend selecting tree shapes also commonly referred to as habits based on the following general categories.

Columnar Shaped Trees

Columnar shaped trees naturally grow in a tall vertical shape with thin upright branches. The vertical shape makes them ideal for privacy screening as they can be planted close together. The Leyland Cypress is the perfect example of a tree that naturally grows in a columnar shape.

Pyramidal or Conical Shaped Trees

When we think of a conical shaped tree the first thing that comes to mind is a Christmas tree, but there are many other examples when you consider the overall shape. Pyramidal trees tend to be wider at the bottom and grow with horizontal branches. In most cases the branches will begin at ground level. Conical trees are a little more slender and many people refer to them as bullet-shaped. When planting pyramidal or conical trees, consider that they need plenty of space to reach their full width. An example of a pyramidal tree that is well suited to many of the areas found in Georgia is the Eastern Hemlock.

Vase Shaped Trees

A vase shaped tree is exactly as you would imagine it to be with a trunk that supports branches that grow in an upright shape naturally arches and is widest at the top of the tree. Vase shape trees are ideal for pathways and areas that require shade with plenty of room to take a leisurely stroll. A fine example of a vase shaped tree that can be found in Georgia is the Common Hackberry.

Round or Oval Shaped Trees

Round and oval shaped trees are both upright trees with a strong trunk that supports branches that naturally grow with a thick round or oval shaped crown. An example of a round tree is a Sugar Maple while one of the best known oval shaped trees grown in Georgia is the Bradford Pear. Both trees have heavy foliage that often conceals the branches. Round or oval shaped trees are often selected to plant along the sides of long driveways.

Spreading or Open Shaped Trees

Both spreading and open shaped trees grow in an irregular shape that is often wider than its overall height. They are ideal for areas that require shade because they allow for a naturally softened light source. Some examples are taller while others are smaller trees that resemble bushes. An example of a spreading tree is the Dogwood.

Weeping Shaped Trees

Weeping shaped trees have long branches that are flexible enough to hang down and touch the ground. The shape is often irregular with a beautiful flowing presence. Weeping shaped trees are perfect for accent trees that can be planted in areas away from walkways where the overhanging branches may get in the way of foot traffic. One of the most well-known examples of a weeping tree is of course the Weeping Willow.

Umbrella Shaped Trees

Just as the name implies, an umbrella shaped tree has high branches that spread into the shape of an umbrella. The branches provide a canopy that is perfect for shading areas such as patios because they have space underneath to provide a clear view combined with the comfort of shade that is the perfect combination when entertaining family and friends. An example of an umbrella shaped tree found in Georgia is the Flowering Cherry tree.

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