Tree Sap Uses in Blacksville, GA; Resin Candles, Pine Pitch Glue, Medicinal Care & More

When you are in the outdoors and among the trees most people have come across bumping into a tree that has sap. The sap is a real mess and we all know how hard it is to get it off if you happen to touch it. Most of the time people just have to wait it out and allow the sap to dissolve and come off the skin over time. It can seem very irritating when you have it on your hands but there are actually some great benefits that sap has. You can use the sap in many ways that will benefit your life including your time outdoors.

Milam’s Tree Service Lists Ways You Can Use Tree Sap

Pine Resin Candles: One of the best ways to use some sap from a tree is to make a candle that has a long burn time. You can use the sap and melt it down then soak a cloth with the melted down sap. Attach the cloth that has been soaked to a stick that you can use as a torch or candle stick. Then you can light the cloth and it will slowly burn at the sap allowing you the opportunity to burn the candle for a long time. The great thing is that you can set up the candle around your campsite as a way to add light in the night.
Pine Pitch Glue: The sap can also be used as a way to affix items together. The sap is very sticky which you probably have noticed if you have ever stuck your hand in some. You can use the sap to attach sticks to each other to help if you are out in the wilderness. You can even create weapons the way that they used to be done.
Tree Sap Waterproofing: The sap is also a way to protect other materials from water damage. When you get sap on your hand and you try to go wash it off the sap will not even budge. That is because it is a great way to prevent water from penetrating. If you need to find a way to water proof your shoes, tools or other belongings you can use the sap from the trees. You may need to melt it down and layer it on. Then allow the sap to dry in place.
Tree Sap Medicinal Uses: Before there was access to medical help people had to find ways to keep their ailments under control in other ways. The sap has been used for a plethora of medical conditions. If you have pests that are bothering you it can act as a repellent. You can also use it to slow any inflammation and secure a cut with the gluing aspect. Other people have used the sap to treat rashes and other ailments that cause itching and redness.

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