Tree Root Care Tips to Avoid Falling Trees in Jackson, GA; Apply Mulch Around Base, Avoid Cutting Exposed Roots & More

The basic elements of a tree include its trunks, leaves, branches, and roots. Similar to human body parts, the elements of the tree work together to keep the tree alive. Carbon dioxide, water and sunlight, which is used to make the food it needs, are a few of the fundamentals required for trees. The tree can thrive in a good environmental with these needs along with good soil. In order to help trees maintain thier health and stability, we at Milam’s Tree Service would like to offer tips for how to care for the roots today.

Importance of a Healthy Tree Root System

To keep the tree anchored to the ground, it takes strong, healthy roots. The vital nutrients and water absorbed into the roots from the soil is essential for the tree’s survival. Far beyond the tree’s canopy the roots extend and just under the ground 6-12 inches below. Trees will blow over very without a strong root system. To help you keep the roots healthy and well-cared for, there a few tips listed below.

Apply Mulch Around Trees

Offering the extra moisture and nutrients as well as protecting a tree’s roots the organic material, or mulch is placed around the tree. For the much-needed protection from the cold, place mulch for winter care and place mulch to encourage growth in the spring.

Watering Trees

No matter what the age of the tree is, particularly if you are in a drought, it is important to water your tree regularly. Water plays a vital role to help maintain a healthy tree and propel its growth.

Allow Tree Roots to Breathe

For the root’s oxygen is needed in order to last. To allow oxygen to reach your tree’s roots you need to let the soil dry out underneath your tree. Because of this, you do not need to water your trees every day. Make certain to avoid compacting soil and mulch too tightly around your tree’s base. Likely ending up inadvertently suffocating, the roots close to the surface of the ground need to breathe.

Avoid Cutting Exposed Tree Roots

When you cut a tree’s roots, especially if it’s a big or main root, the roots can be left vulnerable to attack by bacteria, insects, and viruses. You may also stress the tree to the point it doesn’t grow for a few years until it heals its root. Cutting the roots can cause the tree to die as well.

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Milam’s Tree Service offers tree trimming, tree removal, and other tree services in addition to your efforts in caring for the roots. You can count on safe and efficient tree services that we extend to commercial and residential customers in the area, with our qualified technicians, having the training and experience. Contact Milam’s Tree Service today and let us help keep your trees healthy and gorgeous for the tree services you require.

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