Tree Root Care Tips in Conley, GA; Apply Mulch While Allowing to Breathe, Never Cut Roots & More

Leaves, branches, trunk, and roots are the basic parts of a tree. Just like the parts of the human body, all of the parts of the tree work together to keep the tree alive. Trees need several fundamental elements in order to survive such as sunlight, air and water. Good soil allows the tree to get the nutrients it needs. When a tree is in a good environment, and the conditions are suitable for growing, it will grow strong and beautiful. Offering residential and commercial tree trimming, tree removal, and tree cutting services, Milam’s Tree Service of Georgia is a quality tree service provider. Removing branches by power lines, dead branches and even removing the whole tree when needed, our professionals help your trees stay strong and healthy and remove any that are hazardous. We have got all of your tree needs covered, from stump removal to 24-hour storm damage cleanup services. Today, we at Milam’s Tree Service would like to offer a few tips to help keep your tree’s roots healthy.

Importance of Healthy Tree Roots

Roots of the tree plays an important role, for starters, it anchors the tree to the ground. In order for the tree to survive, tree roots also absorb vital nutrients and water from the soil. Though the roots extend far beyond the tree’s canopy, the tree roots are shallow, staying just six to 12 inches below the ground, generally. The trees would blow over very easily if trees did not have roots.

Tips to Care for Tree Roots

Apply the following tips to improve the health of your trees.
1) Appropriate mulch around tree. To protects a tree’s roots and provide extra moisture and nutrients for your tree, mulch, an organic material used around the tree. In the winter the mulch will add much needed protection from the cold and laying mulch in the spring will encourage growth.
2) Tree watering. Especially if you are in a drought, no matter how old your tree is, it’s important to water it regularly. Water is vital to preserve your tree’s health and propel its growth. Appropriate water according to the type of tree, time of year, and the age needs to apply.
3) Tree roots need to breathe. In order to survive, roots require oxygen. You need to let the soil dry out underneath your tree in order to permit the oxygen to reach your tree’s roots. Watering every day should not be done to let the roots dry out. Additionally, avoid compacting soil and mulch around your tree’s base too tightly. The roots close to the surface of the ground are inadvertently suffocated.

Never Cut a Tree’s Roots

Particularly if it’s a big or main root, cutting the tree’s roots will leave it vulnerable to bacteria, insects, and viruses. The tree may not grow for a few years until it heals its root due to the stress of them being cut as well. Severing the root system can also lead to its death, making them hazardous.

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If you find the root system is not healthy and the tree is weak, it may need to be removed for everyone’s safety. Call Milam’s Tree Service to remove hazardous trees.

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