Tree Pruning & Watering to Stop Leaves Turning Yellow & Falling Off in Summer in Riverdale, GA

Many homeowners take their landscaping seriously. Working hard all year long, particularly in the spring and summer, to ensure their vegetation is healthy and lush. As a result, it can be quite frustrating to find the leaves turning yellow at the start or in the midst of summer. It is a rather common affect that yellow leaves are the result of a disease. Another can be nothing more than specific species demonstrating commonalities of a passing season. The stress of the sun can also be causing the manifestation of yellow leaves in the summer. There are other reasons that can lead to yellowing leaves in the summer and we at Milam’s Tree Service would like the opportunity to further explain the phenomena.

Tree Leaves Turning Yellow in Low Light

Because there is not enough light reaching the trees, this is one of the most common reasons tree’s leaves become yellow in the summer. Pruning the trees to allow adequate sunlight into the tree can help remedy the issue if this is the cause. Too many leaves and branches are shading the tree, preventing enough sunlight to get through.

Moisture Stress Causes Yellow Tree Leaves

When the tree is over-watered or under-watered, it becomes moisture stressed, which can create the yellowing of the leaves. When you notice the leaves evolving into a yellow color, check the soil around the base of the tree to see if it is dry or damp. If the soil is too wet, reduce water time and frequency, if the soil is dry consider increasing the water time or frequency.

Tree Leaves Turning Yellow Due to Temperatures

The color of the leaves can be impacted by the tree’s environmental temperatures. The tree’s leaves will turn a yellow color, for example, in the fall and winter as the temperatures drop and warmer weather promotes greener leaves. Persistently cold weather often results on the leaves turning brown. When looking into the tree’s needs, be sure the temperatures are conducive to your tree.

What Nutrient Deficiency Causes Yellow Leaves?

The current state of the tree’s nutrition can also be the cause of leaves turning yellow. The tree’s nutrition can be affected by being under-fertilized, or over-fertilized. Be sure to know what fertilizer details are optimal for the trees you have. Over-fertilizing, much to people’s misunderstanding, is actually very harmful for your tree as it can cause the tree to burn from the increased toxins lingering in the environment. When this occurs, the leaves will turn yellow and fall off.

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These are just a few of the common problems that result in yellow leaves on your tree during the summer months. If you believe your tree’s leaves are turning yellow due to disease or lack of sunlight, call in the professionals of Milam’s Tree Service. We can assess your tree and determine if the tree needs simply trimming and pruning, or if it needs to be removed to avoid spreading disease or becoming a safety hazard. Our experts have the training and skills to ensure your tree is properly take care of safely and efficiently. Call us today to get started.

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