Tree Pruning; How to Trim & Cut Tree Large Branches Properly in McDonough, GA

Tree trimming and pruning is not a job that is taken lightly. There are dangers involved when doing any kind of manual labor but tree trimming in particular is dangerous. The work is often times in a very tall tree, up a ladder, in a crane or around a tree that is unstable. The ways that you can be injured when doing this type of work is endless. That is why when dealing with a damaged tree or even a healthy tree it is best to hire a tree company. We have the expertise as well as the tools and equipment to do the job right.

Milam’s Tree Service Explains How to Trim & Prune a Tree Properly

Assess Each & Every Tree Trimming Job: When a professional tree care service comes out they will do an assessment on the job. Every single tree whether it is a common tree or not is different. The earth they are growing in is different, the roots are different and the health of the tree will differ. The tree may have some damage and needs to have a downed limb removed or it can be healthy and need a standard trimming or pruning. The job will require particular equipment from ladders, ropes, saws and even a harness to make sure the job is done right. When they come out to care for your tree these are all things that they will consider and will use to determine the needs of that particular tree and job.
Wear Personal Protective Clothing When Trimming Trees: When you are working with trees, branches and tools that are required for tree care it can be dangerous. You want to be sure that you are protecting yourself personally with gear. You want to have on good gloves that are made from some type of leather and clothing that is made for industrial work. They are often times thicker and sturdier than regular material. This will help to repel any branches that may be jabbing in your direction. You also want to cover your ears and eyes so that the noise of the job does not damage your ear drums. The eye protection is to stop any sawdust and debris from getting in your eyes.
Mark Off Your Work Area When Cutting Branches: When you are working on a tree in someone’s yard, property or commercial office you need to be sure that you are safe as well as those that are around you. The best way to do that is to set up a perimeter for the area that you will be working in. This will ensure that people are not walking in the area and no one has any belongings such as a car in harms way. You can use cones and lights to show the area that you are working on.
Use Professional Tree Trimming Equipment: When you are working on a tree whether it is large or small you want to use good quality equipment and tools. This will be the best way to protect the actual tree and get the job done right.

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